We all want to get those gorgeous travel photos - you know, the ones that everyone seems to be able to take on their smartphones and that look like they belong in coffee table books? As we head off to far-flung destinations (no worries about roaming fees thanks to Go Roam), we're excited to test out our smartphone camera skills and perfect the landscape shot. Instagrammer Allan Hinton gives us his tips...

This summer, we plan to be somewhere far, far away, exploring distant lands (and beaches), roaming and relaxing.

And with our handy smartphone (which has a camera, books, language and translation apps, maps, wallet and more in one little gadget), we can travel light. And with Go Roam, you can reduce your stress when you travel to one of our 70+ global Go Roam destinations.

One thing we haven’t perfected yet? How to take gorgeous landscape shots with our phone. Y’know, the ones with atmospheric sunrises/sunsets. And people in an ocean looking to the great beyond and making us feel the power of nature at its most sublime.

Luckily, Instagrammer Allan Hinton is an expert on all things smartphone photography related. Especially gorgeous landscape pics. Here are his top tips on how to take the best landscape shots with your phone.



The time of day and weather matter


In fact, they’re determining factors here for getting the best shot possible. Sunrise and sunset are the golden hours to create the perfect soft light tones, with colourful skies or atmospheric fog.


Landscape photosVia Allan Hinton


Keep your grip steady


It’s essential for those impressive panorama shots. Hold the camera with two hands, much like you’d hold a traditional camera, to minimise the shake as you move. Place your elbows firmly into your chest so the arms are steady.



Don’t be tempted to use the digital zoom


Instead, once the shot is taken, crop the photo using an app.



Consider adding a person into your shot


Many landscape photos can look the same so get someone to stroll by, or sit facing out looking at the view. Shoot someone as though you’re looking over their shoulder. This can allow your audience to imagine they’re in the scene.



Add a beautiful and unique filter or tone to your photo


Apps such as VSCO (get on iOS and Google Play) are a great way to find a filter you like, and let you add consistency to your feed to stand out from the crowd with your personal edits.

Use the Lightroom app (get on iOS and Google Play) to shoot in RAW/PNG format. This will give you a bigger file and more room to play with the image afterwards – without adding noise.



Mask out any distractions in the photo


No one wants their glorious photos marred by litter – or other unappealing distractions. Use TouchRetouch (get on iOS and Google Play) to crop out any little niggles you don’t want.


Landscape photosVia Allan Hinton


Save battery (for more pictures)


When travelling and hiking to take your perfect landscape shot, consider putting the phone in airplane mode to save battery. You could also invest in a battery pack by Anker. These can be bulky but they are they are relatively cheap for what you get and can charge your phone up to five times.


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Main pic: Via Allan Hinton