We've hunted down five of the best holiday apps to help make planning your holiday a total breeze. So, you can concentrate on enjoying yourself!

To paraphrase George Harrison, it’s been a long, cold, long, cold winter. But, slowly but surely, the sun’s making itself known and we’re starting to think about the summer holidays again, and how great holiday apps can be.

Happy days are (almost) here again, and while there’s few things better than a good holiday, there’s no denying that holidays can be pretty stressful if you don’t have the time to properly plan things.

So, to save you a little time and energy, we’ve hunted down the five best holiday apps to make planning your holiday a total breeze. Phones are good so, why not make them do the work for you? That way, you can spend more time getting down to the business of enjoying yourself.

Plus, with Go Roam, you can keep using your data allowance while you’re away, so you don’t need to worry about any of these holiday apps giving you an accidentally huge bill when you get home.


Picking your dream destination – Lastminute.com (Android/iTunes)

Already got a perfect place in mind? Or winging it at the last minute? Either way, you can be sure of picking up the best possible deal with Lastminute.com. Plus, with the Lastminute app you can book everything in one place from your phone, and stay up to date on all your flight info, parking and more with instant push notifications. One of the greatest last minute holiday apps!


Getting around, hassle-free – Transit (Android/iTunes)

Another fantastic holiday app…Arriving at your destination airport is half the battle, but you’ve still gotta get to where you’re staying. Luckily, Transit’s got you covered for everything you need. It gives you a real-time map with all available travel options, from Uber to local transport, and provides up-to-date traffic details and departure times for over 125 cities worldwide.


Seeing the sights – Google Maps (Android/iTunes)

Everyone knows about Google Maps, but not everyone knows just what it’s capable of and how it’s one of the most powerful holiday apps! For example (and most importantly in our case), you can create your very own custom maps, and populate them with all the sights, shops, restaurants and beaches that you wanna visit on your trip. This way, you can lose yourself as much as you like in the city, and check in at any time to find a quick nearby pit stop.


Finding somewhere to stay – AirBnB (Android/iTunes)

If you really want to get the feel of a city, there’s nothing better than bedding down in a nice neighbourhood abode. AirBnB does this better than anyone else, with a crowdsourcing approach that gives you the true low down of a place, and lets you chat with your hosts in advance of arrival. Plus, it’s a whole lot more charming than a hotel, and it’s a holiday app so you’ve always got it with you.


Tracking down the best eats – OpenTable (Android/iTunes)

Once you’re settled into your temporary home, you’re gonna want to experience the best it has to offer. And what better way to do that than sampling its finest culinary offerings and finding these on your newest holiday apps? With OpenTable you can check out the best-rated restaurants in the city, read their menus, and make bookings, all on the go.



So, what are you waiting for? Get booking and enjoy yourself some summer sun. And if you manage to save yourself some cash using these holiday apps, then why not treat yourself to a new phone too? Remember, #PhonesAreGood.