Not travelling for ages? Bored of your phone case? Sitting under a pile of old maps, books or wrapping paper you can't face clearing up? Want to become an upcycling genius? We have the solution to all of your problems, in one video. Here's how to make a DIY phone case using paper...

Ugh. It’s cold, it’s dreary and your next holiday is depressingly far away (although at least with Go Roam, when you do eventually get abroad, you can rest easy knowing you can head to over 70 different countries without facing any roaming charges).

While we can’t organise that trip to Bora Bora for you, we can show you something pretty cool to keep you going as you jealously swipe through photos of other people’s wanderlust. We’re about to teach you how to rock your favourite destination on the planet, on your phone, every day.

DIY phone cases are easy to make, cheap (transparent iPhone covers start at £.99p on eBay) and can literally be done with any bit of paper you have lying around (like the photos you’ve been too lazy to organise into albums, old greeting cards and wrapping paper, for a start). You, an upcycling genius? Oh, yeah.

Atlases, maps and A-Zs work well, too – between Apple Maps, Google Maps and map apps, your phone does pretty much all of the navigating you need these days.

So why not give those old maps a new lease on life? Never get lost again with a London Tube map case, relive your favourite memories from a recent trip to Rome with all of the city’s top attractions on your phone,  or gaze longingly at the spot in New York City where you got engaged a few months ago..

All you need to get crafty? A clear phone case, black felt tip, scissors, a map (or your paper of choice) and an iPhone.

Step one: Place the transparent case, face down, on the bit of the map you’d like to use.

Step two: Trace the outline of the case with your black marker. Don’t forget to outline the camera lens, too.

Step three: Cut out the outline of your phone case. To cut the camera lens hole neatly, fold your cutout over halfway and snip once on either side of the camera lens outline before cutting.

Step four: Place your map cutout into your transparent iPhone case, pop your phone in and voilà: you’re officially a crafty genius.

And your phone just happens to look freakin’ fabulous.