Some good things are worth the wait. Like everything Apple releases. Which is why we're getting so excited about iOS 11 coming this autumn. Here are all of the cool new features to get excited about...

You need to stop hitting ‘Update Later’ whenever your iOS demands your update attention. We know, we know, it always does this at the most inconvenient times, like when you’re on the bus with 19% battery life, or in a meeting, or mid-streaming the final episode of OITNB.

Still, try and remember to do it – sooner rather than later – because when iOS 11 is finally released and available for your iPhone and iPad this autumn (Beta testers got to grips with it on 28th June, 2017), you don’t want to be the person who didn’t get the good stuff from the start.


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Want to know what this good stuff actually is?

Make some tea. Here are 11 reasons and they’re all going delight your device.


1. The new Dock


Apple has created a new Dock that is opened with one swipe, allows you to instantly switch apps and can be customised. It recommends apps based on your previous activity, helpfully putting them on the right side of the Dock – it even connects the virtual dots, putting the apps you used most recently on your iPhone 7 and Mac there, too. Spooky.


2. Drag and Drop


How would you like to play around with splitscreen on your Apple device? Yeah? You can. Drag an item to the side of the screen and it will instantly form a split screen. It also does Slide Over, where you drag one app to the left and both remain active while you play around with the way they sit on your screen.


3. Augmented Reality


For those of you not sure what Augmented Reality (AR) is or why you should care, take a look back in time to the crazy fad that was Pokémon Go. Catching those little critters in your lounge as they danced on your partner’s shoulder was all the fun. AR is brilliant and Apple knows it which is why they’ve put Apple ARKit on iOS 11 so developers can use it to make wonderful things.

And with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X all optimised for AR, expect massive leaps in what augmented reality can do on your iPhone even Peter Jackson is getting in on the act with demos from Wingnut AR.

P.S. This means Siri is going to be better than ever, translating phrases from English to any language you need when you’re in one of our Go Roam destinations, acting like your very own personal DJ and finding searches and news articles that are totally relevant to your interests. So yeah, you’ll get all the Great British Bake Off goss straightaway then.


4. The iPad becomes king

iOS 11 is described by Apple as a ‘monumental leap for iPad’. Those in Beta seem to agree…  The Dock and multitasking features are among those transforming the iPad into a workhorse not far from the functionality of a laptop. Now you can sort out apps, do work, finish emails, drag and drop content, and manage apps with improved efficiency. And make a call. If you really want to. Maybe to tell someone about how cool this is. (And if you need to print something from your iPad, here’s how).


5. Apple Pencil

If you love to use your iPads as a beautiful, digital drawing board, the update will see you get even more functionality out of that Apple Pencil you bought. iOS 11 brings both Instant Markup and Instant Notes, which let you write from the locked screen and save Notes automatically –  plus a ton of extra features.

One of the best features has to be when the text automatically moves out of the way when you’re doodling. Perfect for when Ken from Accounting won’t shut up about his new spreadsheet.


6. Scan and Sign

Oh, and for all those times you need a built-in Document Scanner, you can scan a document, crop the edges, fill in the blanks, sign it with an Apple Pencil and share it. All while Ken is still talking.

Printing can officially be a thing of the past.


7. A Files app

When you’re frantically scraping through your files on your iPad because you forgot to bring that one document to the meeting, you’ll be so grateful for this app. No more apologetic fumbling. Just search for the file, find it and open it. It’s another app that’s taking the iPad to the next level.


8. Numbers and letters come together

The QuickType keyboard now has letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks on the same screen. Just flick for what you want. No more tapping through every tedious screen to find the hashtag or exclamation mark. This is exclusively for the iPad.


9. More space for photos

Actually, it’s just less space used by iMessage. In the old days, these pesky chats would take up a ton of space in the Other storage folder. It was their fault that your device suddenly refused to take photos just as Kit Harrington walked past you at Glastonbury, and you could snap a shot at exactly the right angle to look like he was waving at you.

That could just be us.

Anyway, now you can back up messages to iCloud. Yay!


10. Pay for that group holiday

With the freshly laundered Apple Pay on iOS 11, there’s now a person-to-person payment feature using Touch ID and iMessage. Touch ID verifies, iMessage confirms. Now you can all sit next to That Guy who never pays for their share of the holiday, dinner, date and get them to sort it all out nice and quickly. No problem. Except for him.

It’s probably Ken.


11. The App Store

The new App Store is creating as much hype as the fashion runway. It’s been redesigned and remodelled. The old boy has had a nip and a tuck and some work done which means now it delivers the type of content that is relevant for today. It will be easier to find apps, there is a new tab just for gaming, and it includes content from experts and industry gurus that’s designed to inspire.


Main pic: Getty via Justin Sullivan