Because our January sale is SO AWESOME, you’ll have tons of leftover money to buy even more stuff. For your phone, natch.

Everyone loves sales shopping. Some of us prefer to brave the crowds and wage a war over the latest HDTV, while others enjoy the thrill of online shopping from the comfort of our sofa, gleefully spending with the knowledge that all the pounds we’re saving can be spent elsewhere.

From now until Jan 31st, at Three, it’s all about deals, deals and more deals.

We’re offering a whopping £100 off on Apple iPhones, including the 6S and the iPhone 7and iPhone 7 Plus.

And breathe.

We can also satisfy the cravings of all those Android lovers out there: we’re whacking £72 off the price of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

There are also great deals if you’re looking to upgrade your SIM plan, with up to £96 off 12-month SIM-only plans. Need a mobile broadband deal? With Three, you can save close to £50 on mobile broadband this month.

Sounds like it’s time to do some guilt-free shopping in the Three Sale.

Since you’ll have all that extra cash in your pocket – £100 if you buy an iPhone, £100 if you buy an iPhone! – we’ve rounded up some super-cool accessories so you can pimp your new iPhone out this winter.

So not only will you have the best new phone, it’ll also be the best-looking new phone…

Hive 2 Bluetooth Wireless Portable Stereo Speaker, £49.99

Just bought the iPhone 7 in rose gold? Then you’ll want to upgrade all your accessories to make sure they’re in keeping with your new chic phone colour, obvs. Let’s start with this portable rose gold speaker: as well as its top sound quality, it has a built-in mic if you’re using it for phone calls and is compatible with Bluetooth for wireless streaming. And if that wasn’t good enough, it’s also on sale, so you’ll still have £50 to show for your saving to spend on music you can blast out of it.

iPhone 6 Flashing LED Case, £119.99

With that £100 you saved on your iPhone, you can now justify that not-quite-necessary purchase you’ve been hankering after, like a totally attention-seeking phone case. Sure, it protects your phone, but this one also does a whole lot more.

Like flashes. It’s an LED-flashing phone case – exactly what every iPhone owner doesn’t need but kind of really wants. By leveraging one of the little-known iPhone settings to activate the flash when you receive notifications, this phone case lights up your whole phone whenever anyone calls, texts, or likes that #nomakeup (#butsecretlyalittlemakeup) selfie on Instagram.

So you can say goodbye to missing notifications when your phone is face down. The added bonus is it can also double up as a handy lighthouse-esque beam for when you can’t find your phone, or, if nothing else, just get your friends to call you and create the perfect rave for one.


Cruiser Blue Turntable, £69.99

So by upgrading your SIM plan you’ve managed to wangle yourself a savings of £60, and now it’s burning a hole in your pocket. Well, how about investing in the ultimate in cool household attire, in the form of this retro blue turntable? In case you haven’t already noticed, all things retro are back in a big way, especially when it comes to tech.

If you’ve already got a vinyl collection then it deserves only the best, and coolest player out there, and if you’re new to the vinyl market, then what better excuse to start raiding the charity shops for all your favourite albums on LP? Plus, it’s totally portable. Time to listen to old Bowie records and reminisce about what a shocker of a year 2016 was.

zens wireless charger

Qi Single Wireless Charger, £44.99

Because, quite simply, a fully charged phone battery is king. And we need to be able to watch a whole season of our new favourite show, on-the-go, on our smartphones. Whenever we want to.

Samsung Original Wireless Charging Station, £39.99 
If you’ve just taken advantage of one of our money-saving Samsung deals (like £72 off the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge), you’re probably going to want a super-cool-looking Samsung accessory (or five) to team with your new device. This spaceship-inspired wireless charging station will keep your phone juiced, and is sure to add some design-savvy to your cluttered desktop (in fact, why not just sweep everything else off and go for minimalist chic all over?).

Move Wireless On-Ear Headphones, £79.99

With the new-era Apple accessories announced and everyone talking about Airpods and why we should ditch our wires for good, it’s probably time to invest in your very own pair of wireless headphones.

From the go-with-everything stainless steel colour, to the full controls within the headphones, this pair might just be the perfect accessory for your new phone. They work with Bluetooth for totally wire-free connections, and have approximately eight hours of battery life, with 288 hours of standby battery time. More than enough for your commute… and a mooch ‘round the shops.