As if your Samsung phone wasn't already smart enough, we've gone and tracked down all our favourite gadgets to turn it into just about anything you want it to be. Seriously. An app that locks your front door for you? Found it. Or how about lightbulbs that are completely controlled by your smartphone so you can create any ambience before you walk in the door? Sign us up. And tell us more...

A whole host of new Samsung phones arrived this year. From Samsung Galaxy S20 FE to Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra – they’re some of Samsung’s best phones yet. Then there’s Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – a 5G Ready phone that folds neatly in half. Wat’s not to love about that? And there was new wearable tech launched this year too, like the Watch3.

As well as wearable tech, there are loads of tech innovations and gadgets that make perfect companions for your new Samsung phone. Check out these awesome bits of compatible tech that you can sync up with your new Samsung device.


You know that sinking feeling when you can’t find your phone? Only to have someone call it, and find it stuffed down the side of the sofa.

Now imagine if you could keep track of your Galaxy S20. And your bag, keys, laptop, and wallet.

And then imagine no more because that’s exactly what the Tile does.

Simply attach it to any item you don’t fancy losing and link it to your phone for ‘round-the-clock tracking.

For this to work with your Samsung, all you need is the app for Android.



This is another awesome gadget. Lockitron’s a household lock that’s controlled by your smartphone.

Picture the scene: you’re happily on your way to work and then that gut-wrenching thought hits you – “Did I lock the door?”

Now, you’ve got a choice here. Carry on as you were and live with the anxiety for the day, not knowing what you’re going home to. Or you could run the risk of being late for work by heading back home to double-check.

But with Lockitron, you can now lock your door from your phone, so all that worry’s a thing of the past.

And when you arrive home, the door unlocks for you. No more searching for keys. Ever again.

Just buy the tech, install the Android app, and let your Samsung do the hard work for you.



Samsung Smart Things

Samsung’s expertise isn’t just limited to smartphones. They also know all about home tech and the Internet of Things.

And Samsung SmartThings is the perfect app to control your smart home tech with. And it’s not just about controlling your home. It’s about connecting, tracking, and securing it too.

Already got the Samsung Galaxy S20? Well, now’s the time to make your home Samsung-certified and you’ll never look back. Promise.

The SmartThings app works with any brand of phone and is compatible with hundreds of smart devices. Use it to adjust your thermostat or to schedule your lights to come on at certain times. You can even turn on your washing machine remotely.


Samsung compatible techVia Philips


If you thought mood lighting was the difference between lights on or lights off, then think again. Philips Hue has the answer to all your lighting needs.

Hosting a party on Zoom? Try the colour and ambience hue. Settling down to read a book? White ambience will create the perfect low-level light you need.

It’s also the perfect soothing go-to-sleep and wake-up-gently lighting for your home.

Picked the lights you want? What’s next? Just download the Philips Hue app for your Samsung and your phone will do the rest.

Playstation 4

If gaming is more your bag than ambient lighting, then there’s some good news for you, too.

Using the Playstation App, you can connect your Samsung phone to your console and get the most out of your gaming experience.

Once you’ve downloaded the latest version of the Playstation App, select Connect PS4, then pick the Second Screen option.

Select your console, enter the code that appears on your screen and register. That’s it.

You can browse PlayStation profiles and trophies, or purchase content from the app, which will download automatically to your console.

There are also several PS4 games, such as Battlefield 4, which offer companion functionality with the app. That means any changes you make to the game or characters from your mobile, will automatically be transferred to your console.

Keen to chat with fellow gamers? Then download the PlayStation Messages app for Android.

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