Rose gold what? It's 2017, people. And the hottest new phone colour ain't got nothing to do with pink. Or rose, for that matter. Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in Blue Coral - almost too pretty to use. But we'll manage somehow.

Think iridescent mermaid scales. And unicorns. And pale blue marshmallow pops.

Or shimmering stars, if the stratosphere’s more your scene.

This season, why not let your phone be the most stylish thing on you at all times? It will save a lot of effort and hard work.

And you can relax – it’s no longer about getting those impossible-to-find Nike rose gold trainers to match your iPhone 7 or pink gold Samsung S7 edge.

You don’t need to think pink. This spring, it’s about metallic, cool blue thanks to Samsung‘s latest limited-edition Galaxy 7 edge colourway, Blue Coral.

The phone also comes in Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, White Pearl, Silver Titanium and Pink Gold options.

FYI, if you’re hankering after a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S8 but need that Blue Coral hue in you’re life – you’re in luck. In addition to the sleek Midnight Black and Orchid Grey shades we’re stocking, the S8 will be available in that icy Blue Coral shade showing off it’s incredible camera and infinity pool-esque screen.

According to colour experts Pantone, 2017 is all about nature-inspired hues, and one of the top colours that keeps cropping up is called Niagara, a relaxed and classic shade of denim blue that’s looking to be the most prevalent colour of spring 2017.

Another popular shade for spring is Island Paradise, an aqua hue evoking tropical escapes and crystal-cool waters.

Somewhere between the two blues is where Samsung’s gorgeous new Blue Coral hue comes in. Shimmering and luminous, the colour evokes tranquillity and nature but also something a little otherworldly. Perfect for a phone that’s practical and has your life in it, but is also the most beautiful and powerful piece of tech you own.

Oh – and in case you need a refresh on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge specs, the phone is phablet-sized, with a 5.5″ curved screen, dual-pixel 12MP camera and more storage and a bigger battery than you can shake a selfie stick at.

And, rose gold fiends – don’t despair completely. What makes this new release so gorgeous are the chic rose-gold accents around the phone’s metallic frame.

Check out the cool accessories to team with Samsung’s latest design….

Samsung Image Stamp mobile printer

We’re currently obsessing over this smartphone photo printer that lets you print out hard copies of your favourite pics on the go, with no cropping required. This handy printer even fits in your pocket, and can be used to make labels and stickers, as well as business cards.

Spigen Galaxy S7 edge case Slim Armor CS

Nothing beats a phone case in the exact same metallic shade as your snazzy new phone. Especially one that protects your phone like a suit of armour, since it’s made from ultra-durable TPU and polycarbonate and fitted with a card slot that can house up to two cards or pieces of ID. This Spigen case also comes with special Air Cushion Technology to protect your phone from drops. Perfect for frequent travellers, skateboard pros and anyone with a toddler.

FLAVR nail polish case 

If your phone case prefs tend toward the funky rather than functional, then FLAVR’s got a cool printed case for every taste. This nail varnish print design is every beauty junkie’s dream – and also has nice blue accents to enhance your Blue Coral edge device to perfection.

Blue glitter headphonesVia Skinnydip London

Skinnydip Nebula headphones

A fashion statement phone needs headphones that also pop. These glittery ones from Skinnydip do precisely that, and perfectly channel the phone hue’s interplanetary-meets-underwater vibe.

Kitsound Hive Buds earphones 

If you’re looking for subtle in-ear headphones that still make a statement, we’ve found ‘em: these blue earphones have the same metallic sheen as the new Samsung edge phone (in a brighter blue shade), and can do the morning commute or the evening run.

Casetify Blue Mist Peonies laptop sleeve

Strictly speaking, this case fits a Macbook, but who’s to say you’re not one of those Apple laptop addicts who happens to love Samsung handsets? (P.S. we’re pretty sure you can fit some other laptop sizes into this bad boy anyway). We love the range of artist-designed sleeves on this website, which donates a portion of profits back to the artists. If flowers are too, well, flowery, there’s a Universe-print laptop case that also teams well with the new Blue Coral shade.

Mighty Purse metallic silver phone charging leather purse at Cuckooland

Um, yes, please. A stylish silver metallic clutch bag that works with every outfit on a night out… and happens to recharge our phone in the process? There’s enough power in this purse to charge a smartphone to 100% – twice. So two nights out in a row it is then.