When customers talk, LG listens. Which is why their newest launch, the LG G6 - which debuted at MWC 2017 - is all about the big screen and stunning display. And no, the phone isn't at all bulky. Read on for everything you need to know about LG's newest release...



Oh my, LG have a new phone and our hearts are aflutter. As soon as someone explains that a product was created as part of “innovation for a better life,” you can’t help but get excited. Yes please, improve our lives!

Well, first thing’s first, it turns out that LG properly listen to their fans and customers. They actively asked people what their wish list was for the perfect smartphone and tried to create it.

CEO of  LG Mobile Comms, Juno Cho, explained that, “consumers have more intelligence now” – they know what they want and it’s a manufacturer’s responsibility to try and create it.

Maybe this is why the bigger screen on the LG G6 doesn’t mean that it’s a bigger phone. Instead, the FullVision(TM) display allows for an immersive viewing experience. Sounds like LG know that we like to binge-watch Netflix in bed, huh?

The cinema experience is definitely one of the most exciting USPs of this remarkable phone. It has a revolutionary 18:9 display ratio. Sound familiar? It’s because that’s the cinematic ratio. LG want to make streaming films and TV on your phone a deeply pleasurable and immersive experience, which is why Netflix and Amazon will stream in sexy Dolby vision with HDR 10.


LG G6 launch MWCThree UK


What we realised quickly was that LG have cut out the bells and whistles and created something simple and honest – with usability and reliability at its core. You can see this in the details – the way that they tested and used curved glass that naturally fits in the centre of your hand, or the way they’ve eliminated unnecessary clutter and replaced it with flawless design and usability. It’s all about getting the fundamentals right, with the perfect amount of innovation.

So, why is it all about the screen? Turns out that the average person spends half a day looking at screens. Half. A. Day. It makes sense to try and pursue perfection in the area that affects us most – the thing we’re looking at. Hence this 5.7-inch thing of beauty. If 69% of people want a bigger screen – you gotta give it to them.

Better pictures will soon be in the palm of your hand – no cropping needed thanks to the lens being 125 degrees wider than the human eye (as requested by you!) and Match Shot allows you to view previous photos while taking a new one with a nifty split screen. And selfie fans, rejoice: the LG G6 features a unique wide-angle selfie lens, essential for perfecting that #groupselfie shot.

Get ready to enjoy games that were originally designed for a flat screen on your tiny-but-also-somehow-huge phone – the optimised gaming content has been created for the G6’s 18:9 aspect ratio, making for a fully immersive gaming experience. And prepare yourself for better viewing experiences – especially with HDR 10 – something we’ve previously only seen on TVs. So yeah, this is the first smartphone to bring it to that level. NBD. 


LG G6 launch MWCThree UK


Plus, with stable grip, easy touch, and full water and dust-resistance (helllooooo IP68!), it’s calling out for some hardcore use in your actual, daily life. Even in the bath, maybe.

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