We finally know when the latest Samsung device will be officially launched - put March 29th in your diaries as this is when there'll be an official unboxing in New York. Get. Excited.

It’s the phone release of 2017 that we can’t stop obsessing about… and don’t even get us started on all of those amazing Twitter rumours we’ve been hearing (No home button! A huge screen with no bezels! Waterproofing!).

Yes, of course we’re talking about the latest Samsung device, the Galaxy S8.

You’re probably thinking, “I can’t take it anymore! When is the S8 finally out?”

Well, we’re pleased to tell you we’ve got answers.

Samsung has released a couple of teaser videos signalling a very important date: the unboxing for the new Galaxy ‘S8,’ taking place on March 29 at the Samsung Unpacking event in New York City.

Write it down so you won’t forget it: March 29.

And register your interest in the next Galaxy here. Because we know you’re interested.

Samsung’s new vids are giving us all kinds of happy vibes… because from what they’re teasing, this new handset is going to be unlike any we’ve ever seen before.

In the first video, titled “This is a phone,” we’re presented with illustrations of all kinds of phones that we’re used to seeing – y’know, those rectangular devices with large bezels and a substantially sized home button.

The video shows us all sorts of representations of phones, as graffiti drawings, edible cakes, whiteboard sketches, pixelated computer graphics, cinema adverts, neon signs, blueprints, a child’s doodle and much more, with each phone image captioned: “This is a phone.”

Well, it was a phone, until now.

The video ends with a silhouetted picture on the screen of an almost completely bezel-free phone, with no buttons. Aka the S8.

Cue squeals of excitement.

Another video, also released by Samsung (via SamMobile) at MWC, shows the evolution of the mobile phone (in blue and black silhouette graphics) from the brick of the 1980s to the flip phone of the 90s and smartphone of the noughties, before landing on the sleek, almost-bezel-free final illustration, captioned “2017.”

Yep, it’s… finally… happening. Watch this space for all the latest.