We spend most of our office hours scrolling through adorable pet shots on Insta, but when it comes to actually taking them? Help. Our pets are as cute as any we see online but forget about getting them to pose for a pic - or even stay in the shot, for that matter. Instagrammer Allan Hinton has some simple tips to help us perfect our pet photography.

If you’re a pet owner  – or have recently joined BorrowMyDoggy in an attempt to get up close and personal with other people’s cute pets – you know the deal: nothing is more enjoyable than splashing your pet’s pics all over your social media channels.

It especially doesn’t hurt if your pet manages to garner over 5 million followers, becomes Insta-famous and makes you some money thanks to brand partnerships or a book deal.

But we digress. Really, we love those furry little critters and just want to showcase them in the best light, with every shot.

We asked Instagrammer extraordinaire Allan Edward Hinton (@chaiwalla) about the simple tricks we should all know to make our pets look their most glamorous and dial up the cute-factor.



Shoot in the daytime


You’re most likely to be indoors and already at a disadvantage with the light. Avoid flash as it can cause red-eye and frighten the animal. Try to go outside and time your shoots for when you take your dog for a walk or when they’re in the garden.



It’s all about the eyes


If you have the animal looking into the lens, it immediately speaks directly to the viewer. As they say, “Eyes are the windows to the soul,” and pets’ eyes can be very expressive.



Show us the way they see the world


Shoot low and get down to their level. It’s really important that your pet feels comfortable and at ease, so instead of forcing them to come to you, go to them.



Be quick


Have your phone ready to capture cute and impromptu moments – learn the shortcuts on your smartphone to be able to go directly to the camera without having to unlock it.



Go pro


Think about buying a lens attachment – Moment has macro, wide-lens and fisheye lenses to help give each shot a pro edge. The macro lens allows you to be further away for the shot without intimidating your pet. It also helps to capture more detail.


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Main pic: Via Allan Hinton