It's so pretty. And useful. And the camera's awesome. Yes, we pretty much worship you, iPhone 6s. Here's why...

The new Apple iPhone might be here, but there’s plenty of good stuff about the iPhone 6s that we just can’t forget. From the game-changing iOS 9 update to the host of stellar features, it’ll always be one of our favourite Apple phones. Though the iPhone 7 may change your life even more.

If you’re thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 6s from an older model or just switching from an Android, here’s everything you need to know about one of the more recent big flagship phones from one of the world’s coolest tech brands.



iPhone 6s design

While the iPhone 6s launched with the same design and same sized display (4.7in) as the iPhone 6, it introduced us to a swanky new colour: rose gold.

It’s also made with Apple’s own custom blend of aluminium. And the display has the same Ion-X glass that’s used on the Apple Watch Sport, making it even sturdier and prettier.



3D Touch on iPhone 6s

The pressure-sensitive display enabled the revolutionary 3D Touch.

You can press down on the iPhone screen to pull up new menus, activate shortcuts, and generally interact with the phone without having to click into apps. It might sound like a small thing but you’d be surprised how much time this saves.

3D Touch can also transform the phone into a MacBook (sort of). Press hard on the phone’s keyboard when writing text and it turns into something like a trackpad, making it much easier to type on the phone’s touchscreen.

iPhone 6s processor

iPhone 6s runs on a 64-bit processor which Apple called A9, in their characteristically cool and minimal way.

Compared to the A8 processor on the iPhone 6, it has a 70% faster CPU (Central Processing Unit) for super speedy multi-tasking and overall performance, and a 90% faster GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for all graphics and image-related tools. If you haven’t used one of these bad boys yet, prepare yourself for unprecedented levels of performance.



iPhone 6s camera

There’s a 12MP rear camera on the iPhone 6s – the first time Apple upped the megapixel count since the iPhone 4s in 2011. The difference was huge.

The camera can also record 4K video (not sure why you would need to have 4K video quality footage of a cat sleeping, but it’s there in any case), and there’s an improved autofocus for all visual tools.

The iPhone 6s also has a 5MP front-facing camera for selfies, compared with the 1.2MP on the iPhone 6. And for people who love a selfie everywhere and anywhere, Apple added an ingenious front-facing flash, simply by making the iPhone display pulse really brightly. This phone can also customise the colour that it flashes to match the lighting of the environment where the photo is being taken. Clever stuff.



Hidden hacks

As with any new launch, the iPhone 6s came with a host of unique features, many of which were overlooked. Live photos can now be uploaded as wallpapers to add some unique movement to your home screen, the Touch ID sensor is twice as fast and you can chat to Siri instantly with the “Hey Siri!” command. Yes, he/she is always listening – but only to you. This clever virtual assistant will only respond to its master’s voice.

If you think the iPhone 6s is worthy of praise the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are sure to blow you away.

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