Free animal or Three animal? Now that is the question. Thanks to Three, you can be whoever you want to be as you roam over 70 destinations across the world, all summer long. At the same rates as if you were in the UK. We've taken our inspiration from the wild and decided we don't do borders. We just do freedom. And really good, envy-inducing poolside snaps. Don't miss our latest video with Joe Wilkinson to show you what summer holidays can look like when you roam free. With Three.

We can’t always give you your dream holiday, but at Three we can give you something even better. How about some stress-free roaming, now available in 71 destinations across the globe? Yes, that’s including those exciting, far-away ones.

We’re talking about Go Roam, which lets you unlock your UK allowance in Go Roam destinations. Get the ultimate selfie when you’re diving in Brazil, or WhatsApp your mates from that serene spot in Singapore.

So Go Roam with us across Europe. Or travel to farther-flung destinations like the USA, Australia and New Zealand with Go Roam Around the World. We’ve even added Brazil, Singapore and the French West Indies to our extensive roster. So where are you heading for those hols?

Travel without the worry, with Go Roam. It’s all because we believe you and your phone should have a stress-free holiday.


Main image: Getty via Daniel Grill