One is epic and normal-sized. One is epic and huge. Question is: which one is more you?

They were two of the most advanced and powerful smartphones of 2015, but which Samsung device is the right one for you, if you haven’t taken the plunge and gone for the S7 yet?

We’ve rounded up the similarities and differences between the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and its bigger counterpart, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +. Let’s find out how the two stack up, you can even check out Samsung’s ringtones.



Screen – phone or phablet?

The 5.7-inch display on the Samsung S6 edge+ makes a big difference when it comes to browsing, watching videos and gaming compared to the 5.1-inch display on the S6 edge.

There’s much less need to scroll or pinch zoom as most pages are able to fit comfortably on the screen.

The S6 edge+ is definitely more of a phablet than a smartphone. But although the difference in screen size is significant, the Quad HD Super AMOLED display technology is almost identical on both devices. And the screens share the same brightness and low reflectivity, making them good for use outdoors even on a sunny day.




Design – slim or standard?


The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is slightly thinner than the S6 edge. But, apart from size, the overall look of the two handsets is very similar. Both feature a curvier, more rounded-edged handset and boast a sleek, premium design.



Battery – longer is always better?

The Samsung S6 edge+ has a longer battery life. Technically speaking, it’s a 3000 mAh battery, compared to the 2650 mAh battery in the S6 edge.

That’s roughly nine and a half hours of screen-on time from fully charged to dead, compared to just over eight hours on the Samsung S6 edge.



User experience – swings and roundabouts


Both handsets run the Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. Samsung’s TouchWiz interface appears on both with a later, slightly improved version on the Galaxy S6 edge+.




Processor and memory – flexibility or control?


The Samsung S6 edge+ has 4GB of RAM, while the Galaxy S6 edge has 3GB. This means that you can multitask more effectively and run more apps in the background at once on the S6 edge+.

The S6 edge+ supports Bluetooth 4.2, versus 4.1 on the S6 edge. But the latter has a nifty infrared blaster for controlling your home electronics – a feature that’s missing on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.



Call quality – turn it up to 11

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, the S6 edge+ has an extra volume mode for times when the normal volume through the earpiece isn’t quite enough.

Camera – simple or professional?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and S6 edge+ both have the same 16MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. The camera app on the edge+ is really similar to its predecessor, but it introduces an auto mode and a manual “Pro” mode. So on the Samsung S6 edge+ you can now control shutter speed and get a full manual camera experience, if that’s what you’re after.

Hopefully this S6 edge+ and S6 edge comparison will help if you’re trying to choose between them. They definitely share some similar traits, so you may find that screen size and budget are what it really boils down to.

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Main pic: Via Flickr/TechStage