It's. Almost. Here. And we can't wait... so we've rounded up our favourite Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours from the Twittersphere.

We all thought Samsung would launch their new Galaxy S8 model at Mobile World Congress. It looks more and more likely that won’t happen, and we’ll probably be waiting with bated breath for a few months yet. However, there are still whisperings and just general hype around the potential shiny new features and (possibly) new design.


*In Chandler voice*

Could we be any more excited?


Probs not.


We’re pretty impatient though, so we’ve been trawling through Twitter to see what people are talking about, and what rumours are bubbling under the surface of social media chatter. Here’s what we could be seeing from the Samsung Galaxy S8 come spring…


Some kind of huge screen!?

The dimensions are still being squabbled over (some say a full 6 inches, others say 5.5), but screen size is up there amongst the most-talked about features for the S8 and, if we trust the rumours, one thing seems pretty likely: it’s gonna be big. Bye-bye, bezels.