It's officially here: the ZTE Blade V7 phone has arrived exclusively at Three. Here's why we're obsessing over it (and not just because it only costs £129.99 on PAYG)...

You want a high-end, premium smartphone at a fraction of the cost?

You need a phone that looks sleek, has powerful performance and a price tag you can actually afford without having to sell off any organs, we hear you cry? Well, good news: your prayers have been answered.

The ZTE Blade V7 Android phone has landed at Three – exclusively – and it’s officially the lowest-priced 4G SuperVoice phone on the market.

What does getting a new phone boil down to? For most of us, we want a device that lets us do our talking/texting/social media stuff, takes amazing photos, makes our lives easier/more efficient/more organised and doesn’t cost the Earth.

It’s not too much to ask: the ZTE Blade V7 ticks all of those boxes – and more.


ZTE Blade V7 exclusive to ThreeZTE

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the best features you can expect to find with this phone, only available at Three.

The performance of a much more expensive phone: Think a 13MP rear camera, double colour flash front camera and a gorgeous 5.2″ Full HD display. We also love the rounded-edge design of the handset, which makes it easy to stash in your pocket, or hold onto as you spend agonising minutes – or even hours, we’ve been there – perfecting that Snapchat-filter selfie. The phone runs the latest version of Android, 6.0 Marshmallow, which has cool, make-your-life-better features like easy cut and paste, voice search from the lock screen, smart lock for passwords and Google Now on Tap.

The price is so good it sounds like we made it up (we didn’t). You can either buy the new ZTE Blade V7 on Pay As You Go for just £129.99 (and pay Three’s market-leading rates of only 3p per minute, 2p per text and 1p per MB of data). Or get the phone with 500 MB of data and no upfront costs for £9 a month. Finally, you can choose to purchase the phone as part of a 24-month contract with no upfront costs – this will cost £11 a month and lets you benefit from Go Roam, now available in over 70 destinations worldwide. So you can do everything you love to do on your phone, pretty much anywhere, at no extra cost.

Have we mentioned the ZTE Blade V7 is 4G Super-Voice enabled yet and that we love it? It means you can say sayonara to signal failures and bye-bye to black spots, whether you’re in the city or the country, a cellar or a cave.


ZTE Blade V7 exclusive to ThreeZTE


We’re particularly excited about this launch: not only are Three the exclusive retailers of this snazzy-yet-affordable new device in the UK, but we really like ZTE as a company. They’re good people.

Like Three, ZTE is a big believer in making stuff right: affordably priced phones, flexible payment plans and unlimited repairs under warranty are all part of the Chinese company’s mantra. And we dig that.

Even cooler? ZTE is currently crowdsourcing ideas for its next mobile project to give the public what they want in a product – as well as the opportunity to design it from the ground up. Now that’s something we can get behind.