Because what’s the point of travelling unless you can capture every moment on your smartphone camera? And then post envy-inducing selfies in every possible amazing location to your social media feeds. Thankfully, with Go Roam, we want you to Go Roam - now in over 70 global destinations from December - doing all the things you love to do back home (surfing the ‘net, posting pics, streaming music and vids and so much more). Here’s a guide to the obligatory selfies you should be taking when you next visit Singapore, country of utterly moreish street food, glorious parks, incredible temples and really, really good selfie backdrops.

Whether you’re planning an actual holiday IRL, or just spending so much time trawling #wanderlust on Insta that it feels like you’re in holiday-mode even though you don’t have a plane ticket yet, we’ve got some good news when it comes to your next global getaway.

We’ve expanded Go Roam to cover over 70 destinations around the globe, including our newest far-flung destinations: Singapore, Brazil and the French West Indies.

Which means you can go roam in all of these fabulous places and use your phone as you would back home in the UK. Posting pics, WhatsApping with family and friends back home, perfecting the perfect Instagram-ready pool-shot… you get the drill.

Singapore has long been a stopover destination for those en route to Sydney (Australia is another one of our Go Roam destinations, FYI) but has become a veritable hotspot in its own right, known for its mouthwatering food (and street food stalls), high-end shopping, glorious naturescapes (from private island beaches to lush nature reserves) and an eclectic mix of architecture and diverse cultural influences. Looking to gaze up at towering skyscrapers? Or be awed in the Hindu and Buddhist temples of worship? Singapore’s cityscape is dotted with plenty.

Here are all of the awesome obligatory selfies you should be taking on your next visit to Singapore. #travelgram

Photo by @taramilktea Singapore

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The Gardens by the Bay snap


Garden sculptures hanging from the sky? And what may be the best-ever selfie backdrop by day or night? Cue multiple heart-eye emojis. Yep, the Gardens by the Bay of Singapore, located next to Marina Reservoir, are definitely on the must-visit list.

The ‘chilling in nature’ selfie

Singapore is certainly known for its commodities – it’s a full-on shopping haven – but the country also offers plenty of opportunities to glimpse nature at its most majestic. Take the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve – a peaceful hiking spot that’s designed for nature lovers. Head out first thing in the AM if you’re keen to glimpse some wildlife: snakes, lizards, monkeys and macaques all call this sanctuary home.


Tourist’s pose #nnsingaprofessional

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The Merlion Park fountain selfie

Here at Three, we can’t resist a tongue-in-cheek, playful selfie (like pretending you’re holding your girlfriend in the palm of your hand while posing outside the famous pyramid of the Louvre). So naturally, we’d head straight to Singapore’s Merlion Park, with its famous half-fish, half-lion Merlion fountain, and pretend to be drinking straight from its mouth, like these pals. We’d also hop on a bumboat for a river cruise along the Singapore River. And if we were the romantic types, we’d come back in the evening for a romantic stroll, to take in the sweeping views of the Marina Bay.



The shameless infinity pool selfie

Let’s be honest: travelling to far-flung locales is 50% about the experience, and 50% about the envy-inducing potential of your adventures. Just us then? At any rate, Singapore is one of the global capitals of the infinity pool, so if you’re splashing the cash on a fancy hotel (or just managed to sneak in for the day behind a local E! News host), an infinity pool relaxation session – and selfie – needs to happen. Bonus points if you do a side-by-side photo splice of the infinity pool you’re chilling in next to the sick infinity screen on your new Samsung Galaxy S8.

Fancy dresses (but heels off!) for dinner with my sister @wlotte ❤

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The out-on-the-town selfie

Chic bars, quirky restaurants, live-music venues, house and techno clubs… Singapore has something for everyone when it comes to nightlife. Embrace your dual personalities at Jekyll & Hyde, a nail bar by day that doubles as an achingly hip cocktail bar by night.

Exploring Singapore and discovering it’s hidden corners and surprises

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The ‘undiscovered Singapore’ selfie

In Singapore, as with every other major destination, there are the places you have to go to to say you’ve been… and then there are the undiscovered gems that only locals know about. Venture into the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood – known for Yong Siak street and super-cool Art Deco buildings – for cool cafes and funky boutiques. Jalan Besar is another hotspot for art, shopping, drinking and dining. And Holland Village, a longtime favourite with expats, boasts some of the best eateries – and beer deals – in town.



The drool-worthy food pic

When abroad, it’s all about the food snaps. From posh hotel spreads to Singapore’s renowned street food vendors, whether you’re on a budget or blowing it all, you might as well eat up. A can’t miss? The highly accoladed Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle Stall, which recently came number one in a list of Top 50 World Street Food Masters.

The real life unicorn emoji!

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The private beach snap

They say life’s a beach when you’re on holiday. Even better? When your life actually involves a private beach. Lazarus Island, located a boat ride away from the Marina Pier has it all: powdery sands, turquoise waters, private boat rides… and very few other inhabitants. What’s not to love? Bonus: there are cats everywhere en route to get there, inhabiting St. John’s Island, which connects to Lazarus Island via footbridge.