"Technology really is the only thing that has allowed us to finally be free" - poet, filmmaker and campaigner Hussain Manawer (who's going to be the first British Muslim to go into space) talks tech and what it means to him.

As we surf the ‘net, WhatsApp, watch movies, stream music, chat to our grandparents who live 4,000 miles away and make our own GIFs – often all at the same time – we are simultaneously in awe, and totally taking for granted, the amazing things technology has made possible. It’s changing lives every day, hour and minute. But don’t just take our word for it: Hussain Manawer is a poet, film-maker and fundraiser who also runs his own creative agency and vlogs via his YouTube channel, Hussain’s House. Here he provides his take on the empowering effects technology can have…

“The way technology has developed is incredible. I take something from it every time I use it. Look at the internet for example, it’s taught me identity, compassion and community. It’s also taught me a lot about life, pain and hardship and at the same time shows me champions, glory, victory, and honour. You see the way our technology has developed; it’s showing us we are no longer alone, we are always connected to something or someone.

“When we go on to teach millennial marketing we’re going to talk about the transformation of the traditional 4 Ps of business, and how they now have become: Positive, Platform, Passion and Purpose. And how that changed the world, how it saved lives, shared stories, it covered songs, how it brought light to the darkest corners of the planet, through keyboards and devices all over the globe, how electric currents collide with particles and create virtual bonds.

“Something the planet has never had, millions of platforms showcasing the world in a way we want to see, with our armies of followers, hundreds and thousands – some in their millions – technology really is the only thing that has allowed us to finally be free.”

Main pic: Via Hussain Manawer