Need to throw a party? Here's how. Get the music pumping - you can use Party Mixer to seamlessly blend songs together. Or download Karaoke Anywhere (maybe later in the night when inhibitions have been somewhat loosened) to initiate a singalong. Get snacks in - download Deliveroo or Jinn on Google Play. Delegate tasks - download Todoist on Google Play. Download some emergency organised fun - Heads Up is on Google Play. Take plenty of snaps - use your sick LG G6 camera. Remember the people who can't make it - download House Party on Google Play.

Some people are born to throw parties. Some people become great party planners. And some people have party planning thrust upon them. We’ve all been there, the opportunity arises for people to ‘come back to yours’ or you’re chucked out of the office on a Friday when things are just getting started. It’s a pain but this is actually your time to shine.


Only a maverick would allow people to come back without having some kind of party kit ready to go at any given moment. But, if you’re that ridiculous then you need not worry. We have everything covered, and all you need is a phone, and the new LG G6 is pretty perfect for the job.


Get the music pumping

Music MAKES a party, so it’s pretty essential. There are three key stages for this:

    • Make the playlist. We suggest ’90s RnB because it goes with literally every kind of party.


    • Find a way to play it, if you want to mix things up a bit then you can use Party Mixer to seamlessly blend songs together. Or download Karaoke Anywhere (maybe later in the night when inhibitions have been somewhat loosened) to initiate a singalong.


  • If you don’t have speakers, it’s OK. You can easily make a boombox for your phone that takes the sound to the next level. Check out our video tutorial to find out how…


Order some snacks in

What’s a party without drinks to imbibe and foods to inhale? It’s your responsibility to keep your guests sated, so think about ordering in. Deliveroo will obviously have good restaurant-quality options – many of which will be equipped to deliver sharing platters of your favourite sides. Plus, they’ve also started including local Off Licenses in their roster which is handy if you’re having one of those sorts of parties. Ahem.
Download Deliveroo on Google Play


Friends-enjoying-food-at-a-partyVia Getty


If your needs are broader and more specific, it might be worth looking at Jinn. Available in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow, Jinn will pick up your takeaway, but will also get stuff from your local supermarket or department store. In fact, anything you want, Jinn will get for you, right off your new LG G6. Definitely worth knowing about if you’re in need of glitter and bunting, as well as goat’s cheese and biscuits.
Download Jinn on Google Play


Delegate tasks

Why is it always left up to you to shoulder the burden of everyone else’s fun? Get your friends involved and assign them tasks to complete (like getting the decorations, rounding up the gang, finding fairy lights at short notice, etc.) with an easy-sync list app, like Todoist. It’s free to download and if everyone gets it, you can create a master list and encourage everyone to pitch in and tick off each completed task for maximum efficiency (v. aware that this sounds like a Monica Geller recommendation, but take it from us, it’s worth it.)

Download Todoist on Google Play


Download some emergency organised fun

It’s not always as simple as getting a whole load of people in a room and blasting out the Destiny’s Child. If you’re having more of a ‘gathering,’ it’s worth pulling out a pack of cards or initiating spin the bottle to get things moving a bit. Or you could download literally the most ridiculous game of all time – Heads Up – where you have to guess what’s on your phone screen (which you’re holding on your forehead) while your friends give you clues. And yeah, it films and records all the insanely terrible guesses.

Download Heads Up on Google Play



Take plenty of snaps


If you are using the brand-new and very swanky LG G6 phone, then you’ll definitely want to use its incredible camera. The dual 13-megapixel rear cameras effortlessly zoom between normal and wide angle lenses, giving you insane quality and flexibility to capture all those group photos and silly details. Exactly as they happened.

If you’re taking any videos you’ll also be rewarded when you watch them back – The Quad HD+ FullVision screen will display video in breathtaking clarity (also useful when you need to stream constant Netflix the next morning while eating 1,000 rashers of bacon.)


Remember the people who can’t make it

Those lonely souls who are cat-sitting for their neighbour. The people who have to work late. Or those sorry sad9sacks who ‘made other plans’. They’re missing out and will be experiencing severe FOMO. Luckily you can download House Party on your LG G6 and have a live video chat with up to eight people at a time. They’ll feel like they’re there! And you’ll be bestowed with the honour of ‘most thoughtful host award.’

Download House Party on Google Play


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