Did Three create a hilarious gameshow with Paddy McGuinness as part of an elaborate scheme to send 100 people on a surprise holiday? Yes we did.

We’re in a pretty festive mood over here at Three. Not only is it nearly summer, we’re also looking forward to welcoming Brazil and Singapore onto our coveted Go Roam roster of countries.

To celebrate, we obviously decided to do something ridiculous. So we hosted a TV game show, proudly dubbed Come Fly With Three, and gave some of the lovely Three customers in the audience a chance to win one of five trips to Las Vegas. But there was a sneaky twist that we can’t wait for you to see!

Of course, to give the atmosphere a distinctly party vibe, we asked Paddy McGuinness to host, with a little help from Kiss FM’s Dixon Brothers. Cracking all his usual jokes, he welcomed couples from the audience onto the stage to participate in five hilarious tasks, including a packing challenge, a holiday dancing competition, and a game which had you haggling for items in a foreign currency.

After awarding the winners of each category their Vegas getaway, it was time for the other 90 people in the audience to go home, sad, sorry, disappointed. Maybe even heart-broken.

Oh no, wait. Just before the night wrapped up, Three CEO Dave Dyson came onto the stage and started handing out free holidays to random names in the audience. And that was when he dropped the bomb – EVERYONE at the event was going on holiday.


Come-Fly-With-Three-Big-RevealThree UK


Cue eruptions of applause, screaming and general euphoria. The celebrations continued with drinks, dancing and merriment. And people excited to go on their holidays and use their data to upload a plethora of envy-inducing pics to every social platform on earth.

Have a gander at the video below and see the giddy excitement for yourself. Or watch the full 30 minute episode on Youtube. It’s adorbs.