Top-ups and Add-ons.


Top-up with My3.

• Go to your My3 account to top-up by
  card or voucher. If you haven't got a My3
  account yet, register for My3 here. 


• Just select Top-up your 
from the My3 homepage.

• If you’ve got a voucher, you can also top-up
  by calling 444 from your Three phone.

Need to register a card or
change your details?

• First you'll need to log in to your My3
  account. If you haven't got a My3 
  account yet, register for My3 here. 


• Select Manage cards from the My3
   homepage (in the top-up section).



Get an Add-on.

Add-ons give you more for your money
and make your top-up credit go further.


Buy Add-ons





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  Good to know.


  • It'll take a few minutes for your account to be credited with your top-up. 

  • Although top-up credit doesn't expire, Add-on allowances can. Find out more about Add-ons. 

  • Once you've registered a credit or debit card, you'll only need to enter your 3 digit security code
     from then on.

  • After you've topped up you can get more for your money by buying an Add-on.

  • The details you add for your card need to exactly match the ones you’ve registered with your bank, so
     make sure you enter them carefully.







Need help topping up?

If you're having trouble topping up, choose the option below that matches your problem.

You can't log in to your My3 account or create an account.

You can't add a credit or debit card.

The top-up credit hasn't been added to your account.

You're having problems topping up with a voucher.

You're having other top-up problems.