Getting the best out of Pay As You Go on Three

Top-up or buy an Add-on

All about Add-ons

Getting an Add-on

It’s really easy to choose your Add-on using the Three app, or you can go online. The best way to top-up or buy an Add-on is on our dedicated top-up webpage. No need to log in - just enter your phone number and payment details.

You can also buy a top-up voucher in any store where you see the top-up logo, and you can add it to your account using our top-up or buy an Add-on page.

Add-ons vs 321 rates

Get more data, minutes and texts for a fixed price with Add-ons. You can choose from a £10 Add-on, all the way up to a £90 Add-on, and you’ll get unlimited minutes and texts, with your chosen amount of data.

Top-up or buy an Add-on

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