Three price guide.



Our Price Guides are where we set out the details of our packages, what you’ll pay for our services, and
related details specific to your plan, such as how long your contract lasts for. These form part of your
agreement with us, and are where you’ll find the pricing information which is relevant to your plan.

View or download the price guide (pdf) that is relevant to you below:


Pay Monthly.


Advanced Plan Price Guide
Download Advanced Plans - for all customers
on our Advanced pay monthly and SIM Only
plans from 12 July 2016 and
including customers who joined us
on a pay monthly plan from 18 March
2014 – 11 July 2016 and SIM
Only customers who joined
us between 29 June 2014 and 11 July 2016.



Essential Plan Price Guide
Download Essential Plans - for all Essential pay
monthly and SIM plan customers who joined
from 12 July 2016 onwards.


Historic price plans
Download our price guide with details of our
price plans. 


Historic price guides
Check your price guide from when your contract started

Pay As You Go.


Download (voice)
Price Guide. (PDF 603KB)



Mobile Broadband – current pay monthly packages
& pay as you go
Download (all types)
Price Guide. (PDF 807KB)

Simply Business Plans Price Guide
Download Business
Price Guide. (PDF 326KB)


Feel at Home.
Spend Caps.
Pay as You Go.

Go Roam.

Use your phone abroad at no extra cost.

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Spend Caps.

We make sure you can control your spending.

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Pay As You Go.

We’ve got the lowest Pay As You Go rates.

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