About rounding on your bill

Our systems work to very small fractions of a penny. And each charge is rounded up or down to make them easier to read. 

This may cause a small difference of +/- 1p in your bill total. 

But don’t worry – you're not being charged incorrectly. The final, correct charge is the Total due by amount. You can find it on the front page of your paper bill or at the bottom of your eBill when you log into your account.

What will your charges be rounded to?  

The charges on your bill will be rounded up or down to 2 decimal places.

Why are there different totals on your bill?  

We work out your bill by adding up the charges then rounding the total up or down, making it easier to read. This may cause differences in your bill totals, but Total due by is your final, correct charge.

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