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and Analytics

Data is power. Have it at your fingertips. Get insight and analysis on mobile spend and usage with Three Analyst.

Better insight, better decisions.

Spot excessive spending, and make better business decisions.

However large or small your business.

See how you're spending, with Three Analyst.

You choose what you need.

From spending overviews to granular detail on the usage of your whole team.

Offering Standard and Advanced

Get Three Analyst as part of your Three Business Adapt plan. Or buy it as an Add-on to
selected Three Business plans. Upgrade anytime from Standard to Advanced.

Three Analyst Standard

Comes with our Adapt 25 and Adapt 50 plans.

View the overall usage and spend of your business:

24hr online access to our online analytics tool.

Overview reports on usage and spend to your inbox.

Export account-level data to download and keep for your files.

Three Analyst Advanced

Comes with our Adapt 75, 100 and Adapt 250 plans.

View the individual usage and spend of each employee:

Full transparency of spend and data usage, with accessible, digestible analytics.

Tailored, detailed reports straight to your inbox.

Export your whole team’s data to download and keep for your files.

Here’s how Three Analyst works.

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How do I upgrade from Standard to Advanced?

How to buy

Three Analyst comes as standard with Three Business
Adapt, or get it as an Add-on to selected Three Business plans.

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