Your first upgrade bill

You can see a fully itemised version of your bill in your account and in the Three app.

Your first bill after you've upgraded will summarise both your old and new packages. It'll show you:

  • An itemised summary of your previous month's usage.
  • A breakdown of your previous month's package and allowance.
  • Your new package, if you changed your package, including any Add-ons or subscriptions.
  • Any usage over or outside your monthly allowance last month.
  • Any previous balance and any payments received.
  • A delivery charge if you upgraded to a new device online or over the phone.
  • A charge for an itemised paper bill if you still get them.

Want to chat about your bill? Get in touch, and we’ll help you out. 

VAT charges

Your first bill is itemised and shows your monthly recurring and other charges plus any discounts and credits before VAT. Underneath that, you’ll see the combined total plus the VAT amount.  

Finally, you’ll see your total charges after VAT and total amount due to be taken on your payment date.  

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