Each year, we review our prices in line with the cost of doing business. Due to rising energy prices, supplier increases, and increased staffing costs, there will be a price change in April. This is set out in your Terms and Conditions.

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Tell us what you’re paying monthly now for your impacted line(s), and we’ll work out your approximate new Monthly Charge. 

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Your approximate new monthly cost will be:

We work out your new Monthly Charge by taking the Monthly Charge of the impacted line(s) on your March bill, and adding 4.5%. 

Please note that we calculate the cost of your monthly increase to 2 decimal places, and when calculating these charges will round the price up to the nearest penny. 


Like many other mobile providers, we review our prices in line with the cost of doing business. The increases reflect rising energy prices, supplier increases, and increased staffing costs. This year our business customers will see an average monthly price increase of £0.69 per line. Our prices remain extremely competitive in line with our commitment to keeping costs down for you.

You may be excluded from the annual price rise depending on your terms, or plan type. To find out if you’re impacted, we recommend checking your Terms and Conditions.

You can use the calculator on this page to see your approximate new Monthly Charge. You’ll also be able to see your new price(s) on any of your bills from 1 April.

If your price is changing, any discounts you get will be accounted for. 

Add-ons are optional charges to access additional services at better rates. Add-ons can include roaming passes, call abroad minutes, or data bundles. Out-of-bundle charges are costs that are outside your normal allowance. For example, certain phone numbers incur additional costs to call. These charges are not increasing as part of the annual price change.  

Your terms and conditions will have been sent to you when you joined, or upgraded your plan. Alternatively, you can also find copies on our website: Terms and Conditions

If you bought your contract through one of our partners, please contact them directly to find out how the price change will impact you. 

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