Spend Limits

It looks like you’ve hit the total Spend Limit. This is the maximum that you’re allowed to spend on third-party content.

Why we’re applying Spend Limits to your account

The Payment Services Regulation 2017 restricts how much you can charge to your mobile bill. This aims to make payments safer while protecting you and your money.

Spend Limits cover spending on third-party digital content, subscription services and premium rate calls and messages.

  • A limit of £40 per single payment transaction.
  • A cumulative limit of £240 for payment transactions made over the course of a month.

Unlike a Spend Cap, the Spend Limit is a legal regulation and can’t be removed or changed.

The regulations apply to all third-party payment services, including carrier billing and premium rate services. The cost will be added to your bill if you’re on Pay Monthly. Or deducted from your credit if you’re on Pay As You Go. Here are examples of the type of transaction that will be affected by Spend Limits.

  • The purchase of third-party digital content such as:

    • Music
    • Movies
    • Games
    • Apps
  • Calls to premium rate voice services such as:

    • Numbers starting with 084, 087, 09 or 118, including calls to directory enquiry services. These calls are split into two charges. There’s an access charge, which is set by us at 55 pence per minute, plus a 1 minute minimum charge. And there’s a service charge, which is set by the company you’re calling. The Spend Limits only apply to the service charge element of your call.
  • Services accessed by text, picture message, calls and video shortcodes.These are a series of numbers, usually around five or six digits long. Examples include:

    • Entering competitions
    • Downloading games to your device
    • Voting in TV reality shows
    • Calling into video chat services
    • Charitable donations like text donations
  • Roaming services such as:

In all cases, the value of any single payment transaction can’t exceed £40 and the cumulative value of all payment transactions in a month can’t exceed £240.

We’ll contact you by text when you’ve reached one of the Spend Limits. If you’re on a call at the time, a voice message will play. It’ll let you know that you’ve reached the limit and your call will then be disconnected.

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