Out-of-bundle charges

There are certain calls, messages and uses of data that aren’t covered by your monthly allowance. Many of these relate to what’s termed ‘special numbers’. We’ve set these out below, so you’re clear on what you’ll be charged for. The charges exclude VAT, unless stated otherwise. You can also visit three.co.uk/nts or call our business support team for details of specific numbers.

Check three.co.uk/specialnumbers for specific numbers. All prices exclude VAT

There are a host of directory enquiry services available, all of which have different phone numbers and different charges. These calls unlimited voice minutes, will also you’ll be charged the rates below.

The table here only shows a fraction of the directory services available (which is changing frequently) – go to three.co.uk/nts for the latest details, including charges.

To find out the cost of using a shortcode, go to our shortcode checker and get the contact details of the company that sent the message, or whose services you’re looking to use. More information on costs of shortcode services can also be found at three.co.uk/shortcodes. For the cost of sending a text to a premium rate service, or dialling a voice shortcode on the Three network, visit the Phone-Paid Services Authority website and enter the provider's number.


Charges for picture & video messages

Photo messages, video messages and calls to non-geographic numbers (starting 084, 087, 09 or 118 if dialled from the UK) aren’t covered by your monthly allowance, so therefore the following charges will apply:

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