Number and account information

Looking for your Three Business phone number, business account number or plan information? See how to find it below.

Orders placed over the phone, by chat or with a Sales Specialist

We’ll send an email with your new business account number and phone number(s), along with the tariffs they’re on, by email 24-36 hours after your order has been processed. This will be sent to the contact email address you provided when placing the order.

You’ll notice that the phone number(s) aren’t printed on the SIMs that you’ll receive, however the email we send will also include the serial number for each SIM so that you can check which phone number belongs to them.

Online orders

We’ll provide you with your new phone number(s) on the confirmation page when you submit your order. Don’t worry if you didn’t take a note of it, we’ll also confirm it by email after your order has been processed.

In store

Our store assistant will let you know your new phone numbers, business account number and plan information before you leave the shop. It’ll be included in your paperwork too.

Three partner

You’ll get all the contract information you need from the partner you purchased from.


If you need more minutes, texts or data, you can increase your allowance by moving to one of our higher value plans, or buying an Add-on. Contact us and we’ll talk you through the options available to you.

For full details on your contract end date, contact us.

Sorry you're thinking of leaving us. Whatever the reason, we'd like to talk to you before you make any decisions. Please contact us so we can look at the best options for you. But before you do that, here’s some information you need to know:

You need to give us 30 days' notice if you’re going to end your contract. You don't have to put it in writing, we can do it all over the phone.

If you're switching to another network, you can request a PAC or STAC. You won't need to give us 30 days' notice, just ask for your PAC/STAC and you'll be billed for all your usage until the time your switch is completed.

Find out how to get a PAC or STAC on our Switching page.

If you want to leave before your contract ends, there will be a charge. We can explain more about this when you call us.

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