Registration and log in

Getting to your online account

Registration is easy, here's a quick guide.

How to register

1. Go to the registration page

Go to 'Register today’. A new tab will open, so you can keep referring back to the process here.

2. Navigate to ‘Register’

You'll get to the log in page - scroll down to find the 'Register' button.

3. Find your Business Account Number

You'll need this to register your online account. You can find your Business Account Number (sometimes known as a Customer Account Number) in the attachment to the email we sent you after you ordered. The email subject line will be 'Your Three Business account details'. The Business Account Number is also shown in the 'Welcome to Three Business’ follow up email.

This is what the email and attachment look like.

Example email

Example attachment (pdf document)

4. Enter details to register your account

Here are the details you'll need:

- Business Account Number (also called Customer Account Number)
- The mobile number you gave us when you ordered
- The email address you registered with us

Then create a password. This will need to contain 12 characters or more, and can contain special characters.

5. Verify your identity

Once you've registered, we'll email you a link you can use to verify your account. You'll need to do this within 24 hours of receiving the email.

6. Take control of your account

Once you’ve registered you can track your balance, review bills, choose Add-ons, manage your Spend Cap, add lines and more.

How to log in

1. Go to the log in page

Log in from here, or go to ‘Login / register’ at the top of any Three Business page. A new tab will open, so you can keep referring back to this guide.

2. Go to ‘Three Business account owner?’

Tap ‘I’m the account owner’ .

3. Enter your log in details

Enter the email address and password you registered with, then go to ‘Continue’.

Your password will be 12 characters or more, and may have contained special characters.

4. Having issues logging in?

See our FAQs below for answers to the most common problems.

Track billing online with a Three Business Account

With a Three Business account, the account holder can log in to view a breakdown of all bills and spending. And with the Three Business app, the account can be accessed on the go.

Your account at your fingertips

Manage your account on the move with the Three app. Track your bill and control your mobile spend, wherever you're working from.

Work smarter, with the Three app


You may need to wait 24 hours after joining Three Business before you’re able to complete registration. If you still can’t register, or you’re not getting the validation code you need, Contact us and we’ll help you sort the issue out.

For any of the following, contact us.

- You’ve registered, but are being told your account isn’t registered when you try to log in.
- You’re not receiving the validation code you need to complete the log in process.
- Resetting your password isn’t working.

All Three Business customers can register for an online account. If you're having problems, this may be because your contact information has already been used to set up an account, including any personal accounts you have with us. Contact us if you need help.

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