What's in my first bill after upgrading or renewing?

About your first bill

You can see a fully itemised version of your bill in your account and in the Three app.

Your bill date will stay the same and if you’ve set up a Direct Debit, we’ll take payment from your account on your usual date. For any plan changes or if you are adding additional lines onto your account this will incur pro-rata charges. These will be shown on your bill.

Your first bill after upgrading

Your first bill after you've upgraded will summarise both your old and new packages. It'll show you:

  • An itemised summary of your previous month's usage.
  • A breakdown of your previous month's package and allowance.
  • Your new package, if you changed your package, including any Add-ons or subscriptions.
  • Any usage over or outside your monthly allowance last month.

Track billing online with a Three Business Account

With a Three Business Account, you can log in and view a breakdown of your bill. Or you can download the Three app to keep track of your bills and payments, plus much more.

Manage your account on the move

Download the Three app and register an account today. Control your mobile spend, from tracking your bill and usage, to topping up and checking when it's upgrade time.

Work smarter, with the Three app

Manage your mobile spend with Three Analyst

Three Analyst comes as standard with our Three Business Adapt plans, or you can buy it as an Add-on to other selected Three Business plans. It’s an online tool that enables you to keep track of the mobile spend of your whole team, with bill analytics at your fingertips. Find out more in the video below.


In the ‘Number of connections’ section of your bill you will find your Three phone number and any other connections associated with your billing account.

If you’ve brought your number to Three from a different network, you’ll have a temporary number for a few days. It’ll show on your first bill as a separate connection for the days before your number was moved from your last network.

Yes. Your bill is itemised and shows your monthly recurring and other charges plus any discounts and credits before VAT. Underneath that, you’ll see the combined total plus the VAT amount.

Finally, you’ll see your total charges after VAT and the total amount due to be taken on your payment date.

If you’re receiving paper bills, Contact us or call us free on 337 from your Three Business phone to switch to eBills.

If you don't have an online account, your bills will be posted to you. Call us on 337 if you'd rather get your bill via email. If you have an online account, log in to view your bills.

Pro rata billing happens when you start paying for usage before your contract start date, giving you 2 billing periods. You’ll see these 2 charges on your first bill. The first covers your first 2 to 9 days. This is so you can start using your Three Business device right away, and will only appear on your first bill. The second charge is your first full monthly charge. You'll see this charge on your following bills. These 2 charges combined will add up to the amount on your first bill. The date printed under your bill date is when your allowances will start again.

There are a few reasons why your bill might be higher than expected, including first and last bill charges, data roaming charges, or calls and texts not included in your allowance.

If you don’t choose to pay via Direct Debit, you can also pay by credit or debit card over the phone by calling us on 0333 338 1004, or 337 from your Three Business phone to use our automated system.

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