Pick up your business voicemail abroad

How can I check my business voicemail while I'm abroad?

Before you go abroad, make sure you know what your PIN is so that you can access mail when you're out of the country. To access your voicemail, dial +447782 333 123 on your Three Business phone, then press # to continue. Your voicemail can hold up to 10MB of messages. Once you've listened to a message, press # to return the call. To cancel all call diverts, dial ##002#.

Can I use my Three Business phone abroad?

Yes, you can access our Go Roam service in Europe and worldwide. To unlock your UK allowance in Go Roam in Europe, there's a £2 daily charge. When you Go Roam Around the World, it's £5 a day. If your Pay Monthly plan started before 1 October 2021, these charges won't apply. For full details, visit our Go Roam page.

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