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What we offer

Our virtual numbers are like any other mobile number on a physical SIM. 

One number does it all 

You can receive and make calls and texts on a UK number on any device that’s connected to the internet. That means you can have a mobile number on your tablet, laptop, or a second number on your smartphone.  

Included at no extra cost 

Because our numbers are from the Three UK approved number ranges, anyone calling a virtual number from a UK mobile with an included calls tariff benefits from ‘in bundle’ calling. 

Mobile number portability 

Like any other SIM-based mobile number, virtual numbers can be ported through the UK standard mobile number porting process. 

24/7 support  

As you would expect from a major network operator, we offer 24/7 wholesale support for our partners.

Commercial models 

We offer our customers a range of adaptable, flexible, and tailored commercial models to suit the way you want to use your virtual number. Starting out? We can refer you to one of our existing partners who can get you set up quickly while you grow. 

Dedicated partner manager 

Our partners benefit from the support of a dedicated customer success manager. They’ll support your business every step of the way. And let you capitalise on all market opportunities.  


Sometimes you don’t even need to have a SIM. Launch your own brand telecoms services straight to your customers using an app and Over the Top – OTT – model.

AppVNOs use our virtual numbers so you can set up a targeted telecoms business without launching a full MVNO. 

Use cases

With Three’s virtual mobile numbers across B2C and B2B, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the ways our customers use their numbers: 

One device, multiple numbers  

Want to have different mobile numbers for different purposes? Or are you managing multiple businesses on one device? Virtual numbers let you manage multiple numbers on one connected device, mobile, tablet, or laptop.  


It’s easy to integrate a virtual number into your app. So, whether you want your user community to chat or want to offer single-use numbers, we have a simple and cost-effective solution. 

Business users

As companies grow, they often need to give employees a mobile number, but they don’t want the hassle of setting up mobile contracts for everyone. Our virtual numbers give businesses the flexibility to add a business number to an employee’s consumer mobile. 


Our virtual numbers can be used as a number-masking solution to protect customers’ privacy, for example, when using taxis, couriers, and food delivery services. 


Shares information from one server and device to another through SMS to generate a virtual number.