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Looking for information about your new plan?

The quickest way to find information on your new plan is to log into your online business account, but you can also find it on the paperwork you received when you upgraded or renewed. See below for more information.

Ways to view your plan information

The quickest way to check your new plan information, including how much it costs and what’s included, is to log in to your online business account and click on the different users on the online dashboard.

1.      Click here to log in > Log in to online business account you will see your plan showing on the online account dashboard. If you have multiple phone numbers on your account, click any specific number to see details of the plan attached to it. 

2.      Find out how to register for or find out more about your online account

Details of your new plan can also be found in the paperwork you received when upgrading or renewing. For orders placed online, over the phone or by chat this is usually emailed to you, and if you’ve upgraded in a Three retail store you’ll receive a printed version.

Three partner

You’ll get all the contract information you need from the partner you purchased from.


If you need more minutes, texts or data, you can increase your allowance by moving to one of our higher value plans, or buying an Add-on. Contact us and we’ll talk you through the options available to you.

Calls to numbers starting 0800 and 0808 are free for anyone to call. Find out the costs of calling other Special Numbers or go to the Three Business Price Guides.

A Spend Cap lets you set limits for you and your users on any out-of-bundle usage for premium calls, international calls or roaming usage.

You can set your Spend cap under the manage services section when you log into your  online business account. More information can be found in the Spend Caps guide.

There are a few reasons why your bill might be higher than expected. If you’ve just upgraded this could be because of pro-rata billing. Find out more here

If you haven't already Register and then log in to your online business account. Each mobile number on your account is listed. Simply click on the mobile number and it will give you a link to view your calls, texts and data allowance and usage to date in that billing period and any out-of-bundle charges.

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