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We’ve doubled the size of our network over the past 8 years, and cover 98% of the UK population.

No one beats us on overall reliability amongst smartphone users.

Every quarter, YouGov asks smartphone users to rate their mobile network. The survey matters because it’s a poll you can trust – it’s customers like you rating their experience and for the last eight quarters, Three have been unbeaten for overall reliability amongst smartphone users.

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Introducing the Blackspot Banisher.
4G Super-Voice is here.

It’s a bit techy but our new low frequency 4G Super-Voice signal penetrates deeper into buildings so you can make calls, send texts and browse the internet in places you couldn't before. Indoor Blackspots don't stand a chance.

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4G at no extra cost.

We were the first network to offer 4G at no extra cost, and today we’re still the only network to offer 4G at no extra cost with all you can eat data (selected tariffs). Why did we do this? Because we don’t believe customers should pay more for the latest technology #makeitright

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when stuff sucks #makeitright
when stuff sucks #makeitright