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The undisputed. UK’s most reliable network. Again.

We know that some people think that our network sucks and we’ve worked hard to improve it. In fact, we’ve been rated the most reliable network in the UK by YouGov for calls, texts and data. And we won’t stop there, we will continue to improve and our network will get even better #makeitright.

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Indoor blackspots suck.
We're kicking their ass with new 4G Super-Voice.

We know it sucks when you can’t use your phone, at home or in the office. So here at Three we’re #makingitright. It’s a bit techy but our new 4G Super-Voice signal penetrates deeper into buildings meaning you can make calls and send texts in places you never previously could.

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Charging extra for 4G sucks. We don’t.

Being stuck waiting for a sneezing panda to buffer, sucks. We believe you should get fast internet without having to pay extra. That’s why all our plans come with 4G as standard, so you can get the best of the internet as it was intended. #makeitright

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when stuff sucks #makeitright
when stuff sucks #makeitright