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Take amazing photos and do more, even faster, with Google AI.

Google Pixel 8a in various colours

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Pixel phone series on Three

Explore and compare Google Pixel phones, series by series, with our in-depth look at the latest tech from Google.

iPhone 14 Pro

Google Pixel 8 Series

Awesome cameras, a smooth new look, and constantly upgrading features. The Pixel 8 Series is simply powerful and super helpful.

Google Pixel 7 Series

With multiple layers of security, a stunning and immersive Smooth Display, and Google Assistant, you’ll love the Google Pixel 7 Series.

Google Pixel Fold

All you love about Google, folded into your pocket. This is the Google Pixel Fold.

The latest Google Pixel phones

From 4GB to Unlimited data, we've got a huge range of Google Pixel phones and plans so you can find your perfect match.

Google Pixel 8a

Take amazing photos with the 64MP Pixel Camera. Do more, faster, with Google AI – like fixing blurry images and screening calls. And it’s built to last too.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

With Pixel's most powerful chip yet, an immersive and vivid display, and a super-dependable all-day battery, Pixel 8 Pro is here to make waves.

Google Pixel 8

Super-fast. Efficient. And incredible photos every time. With an ultra-powerful processor and reliable battery, Google Pixel 8 is simply powerful and super helpful.

Google Pixel Fold

Boasting the best cameras on any fold phone, insanely sharp displays, and an ultra-powerful G2 processor, Google’s first ever fold is shaking up the game.

Google Pixel 7a

With Google's AI for improved audio on phone calls, great battery life, and amazing photo and video quality, the Google Pixel 7a is the best of Google at an affordable price.

Google Pixel 7 Pro

This is the all-pro Google phone. With 3 incredible cameras, an all-day battery, and a 120Hz screen, this Pixel is pro in every way.

Google Pixel 7

Simply powerful. Super useful. The ultra-impressive Pixel 7 is the best Pixel yet – with the all-new Google Tensor G2 chip, pro-grade cameras, Adaptive Battery and beyond.

Google Pixel 6a

The most affordable Google phone with Google Tenor - Google's ultra-fast processor. Enjoy excellent photography and security, and an extra long-lasting battery.

Recycle your old device

Sell your old phone, tablet, or wearable device to help cover the cost of a new one.

Key Google Pixel features

Take amazing photos with the advanced Pixel camera. 50 MP wide rear camera. 12 MP ultra-wide rear camera. 8 MP front camera.

Triple camera action

Get up close and personal with 4x optical zoom and get everyone in the group shot with the ultra-wide front camera on the Google Pixel 6. Plus for you budding astronomers, there's Night Mode.

Powered by Google Tensor, Google's first custom-built chip. A smarter chip for a smarter phone. Up to 80% faster performance. Maximize battery efficiency for great battery life.

Do it all super-fast

Get up to speed with friends, stream the latest shows, or game all day long with the Google Tensor processor. Pixels don't break a sweat.

Everything a battery should be. Super fast charging. Super fast charging. Saves power for apps you use most. Made to last beyond 24 hours.

24-hour battery life

Go from 0-50% charge in 30 minutes and power other devices with Battery Share. Scroll through your social networks with a battery that adapts to your activity to save power [2].

Pixel Watch on Three

Beautiful inside and out, Google Pixel Watch delivers the best of Google and Fitbit. Explore on Three.

Google Pixel watch

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All the latest news, tips and tricks, and blogs about the incredible Google Pixel series, on Three.

Frequently asked questions

The Pixel 8 series is the latest range of phones from Google. The series began with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, released in October 2023, and the latest phone is Google Pixel 8a, released in May 2024.

While no phone is completely waterproof, the Google Pixel 8a, Google Pixel 8, Google Pixel 8 Pro, Google Pixel 7a, Google Pixel 7, Google Pixel 7 Pro, and Google Pixel Fold are all water resistant.

Google has released 8 generations of Pixel smartphones with the latest models being the Google Pixel 8a and the Google Pixel Fold (2023).

Google Pixel has all the tools and technology to support your business needs across its hardware and software, which includes built-in AI. It offers advanced security features, along with security and OS updates for at least 3 years, for your peace of mind. Get in touch with our Three Business team for more information.

It depends which Pixel phone you choose. Here’s what the latest four Pixel phones include:

Google Pixel 8a is available with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM.
Google Pixel 8 Pro has 128GB or 256GB of storage and 12 GB of RAM. 
Google Pixel 8 is available with 128GB or 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM.
Google Pixel Fold comes with either 256GB or 512GB of storage and 12GB of RAM.

All Google Pixel phones that have been released since the Google Pixel 4a are 5G ready. This includes all Google Phones currently available from Three. 

Yes. Google Pixel phones run on Android and they are optimised to make better use of Google apps and services than any other Android phones.

No, Google Pixel doesn’t support SD cards.

If you have a Pixel 3a or later Pixel phone, you can use 2 SIMs: one physical SIM card and one eSIM.

Step 1: Get ready to set up your new Google Pixel

  1. Charge both phones.
  2. On your current phone, install all available updates.
  3. Find what you'll need:
  • A cable that works with your current phone, like the cable that you use to charge it.
  • Your Quick Switch adaptor, if your current phone or cable has a connection other than USB-C.
  • Your SIM card and SIM card insertion tool, unless Google Fi is your mobile operator and you're using eSIM.

Step 2: On your new Google Pixel

Turn on your new Google Pixel, and tap Get started. You can change your phone’s language or vision settings.

Step 3: Insert your SIM card

1. Insert your SIM card.

 2. You'll see a Start button. If you don't see Start, learn how to return to setup.

Step 4: Connect the phones and copy data

You can connect your phones to copy data to your new Google Pixel phone with:

  • A cloud backup
  • Your old phone with a cable (recommended)
  • A Wi-Fi connection (Android 12 or later)

Google Pixel Watch is compatible with all Google Pixel phones and most other Android phones that run Android 8.0 or a more recent Android operating system.

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