Inclusion & Belonging

We believe that our people are what sets us apart and makes working at Three so special. That’s why, as part of our People Promise, we’re committed to fostering a sense of belonging, where they feel valued and empowered.

Our holistic approach

Our holistic approach to Inclusion and Belonging ensures we encourage diversity in our workforce by offering employee propositions, wellbeing support, and ways of working that offer our people choices, tools, and opportunities that enable them to thrive. Watch our video below to find out more:

As a business, we understand that a diversity of perspectives allows us to better reflect our customer base. This leads to better decision making, which drives business growth through innovation and creativity.

We've raised the bar by establishing ambitious leadership targets to hold ourselves accountable and to build a thriving, diverse, and inclusive workplace committed to progress and change.

Building an inclusive workplace.
Our focus areas:


By 2030, we’re determined to increase the number of people who identify as female, non-binary, and gender fluid in leadership roles from 32% to 50%.

Working closely with our Women at Three network, we’re taking action to address gender inequalities in the workplace. This ranges from inclusive policies such as flexible working to providing menopause support, family leave, and development opportunities. It’s part of why we were listed in The Times Top 50 employers for gender equality in 2023.

We’ve worked closely with Ofcom and other telecommunication companies to form a Gender Equality pledge. Why? Because we believe it’s the right thing to tackle imbalances in the industry.  We also have a dedicated STEM programme to support our local communities.


We’re proud to be a Disability Confident Committed employer and are taking tangible steps to enhance our processes for attracting, recruiting, and developing individuals with disabilities or accessibility needs.

This involves close collaboration with our Accessibility at Three employee network, listening and learning from those with lived experiences, and reflecting on our past practices to ensure accessibility is a priority in our ways of working.

As part of our journey, we have rolled out Sign Language modules and offered neurodiversity awareness sessions for employees who would like to learn more.


We celebrate and raise awareness of our cultural heritages at Three and we’re crystal clear on the steps we need to take to further racial equality within the workplace. That’s why we’ve set leadership ethnicity targets to achieve by 2030. These are:

• 20% of people from ethnically diverse heritages in leadership positions
• 5% of whom will be black (inc. all black heritage)

We have voluntarily shared our ethnicity pay gap since 2022 and are actively supporting our employee-led Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Network in educating our teams further. We’re also signatories of the Race at Work charter with our partners at Business in the Community, helping us raise the bar across the industry.


We strive to keep our Pride Promise at the forefront of decisions, to ensure colleagues feel safe, included, and protected.

We proudly sponsor Reading Pride and Mardi Gla in Glasgow, and we work with our Pride at Three employee network to mark key dates in the LGBTQIA+ calendar.

Other steps we have taken include adapting our policy language to include same-sex couples, encouraging the use of pronouns, and having a zero tolerance stand on discrimination or abuse of any kind.

Our Pride Promise

Being a person shouldn't need a policy. Being able to be your true self shouldn't require permission, or a set of principles.

The freedom to be you does require a promise though. A promise from us to do the right thing. A promise to carry on building a more inclusive, a more tolerant, and a more diverse place to work - by listening, leading, and by continuing to do what's right.

We'll continue to create a strong sense of belonging at Three. We'll continue to make Three a workplace where everyone is welcome and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

​We promise to stand side by side with our LGBTQIA+ colleagues. And continue to learn, to improve, and to make sure our people are at the heart of everything we do.

​Our People. Our Commitment. Our Pride Promise.​

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee

Our award-winning Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee is made up of volunteers who represent different functions, locations, and grades across our business.

They all play an active role in building, embedding, and promoting the Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging action plan across our business.

Independent employee networks

Bolstered by our Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee, we have a number of independent employee-run networks where like-minded colleagues can exchange ideas, share experiences, and build meaningful relationships in a supportive community.


Wellbeing can mean something different to everyone and we all need different things to thrive. That's why we have a range of wellbeing support and initiatives on offer covering mental, physical, social, and financial wellbeing.

We offer our people a free subscription to Headspace, Peppy (menopause support), and Nudge to support financial education. Plus, we have a trained team of Mental Health First Aider’s from across the business, supported by our Employee Assistance Programme.

We regularly ask our people for feedback and to tell us what we can do to make Three an even better place to work, improve social connection, and wellbeing.

Our ways of working

At Three, we want to empower our people to create working arrangements that foster meaningful connections with teams and customers, as well as enhance their work-life balance.

Through our Ways of Working, we bring our culture and values to life, fostering an inclusive environment. Our primary ‘way of working’ for office-based employees is hybrid working.

This means 2-3 days we work in the office, and 2-3 days we can work at home. In being together and connecting in person, our culture truly comes to life and fosters a real feeling of belonging. Office-based employees have core work hours between 10am and 4pm, with operating hours between 8am and 6.30pm. 

This allows people to work flexibly and start between 8am and 10am, and finish between 4pm and 6.30pm. Where possible, we also accommodate flexible working arrangements such as part time working.

Pay gap reports

Our pay gap reports underscore the importance of ongoing efforts to ensure fairness and opportunity for all. We have voluntarily shared our ethnicity pay gap since 2022 and know transparency and accountability is key. While we've implemented significant initiatives, we acknowledge there's more work to do.