How Add-ons work.

Once you’ve topped up your device, you can convert your credit into one of our great value bundles which you can use in the UK or our Feel At Home destinations, which can give you more for your money than with our normal tariff charges.

You can buy an Add-on using your credit and it’ll last up to 30 days. Add-ons don’t cost any extra, but you’ll need enough credit to convert to the one you need.

Click below to find out which Add-ons are available on our phone and Mobile Broadband tariffs.

Phone Add-ons.

Mobile Broadband Add-ons.

Buying an Add-on.

If you're a phone customer, you’ll be prompted to get an Add-on after you’ve topped up, but you can get one at any time.

If you’ve already topped-up:

  • You can log-in to your My3 account on your computer or Three phone and select Buy an Add-on, then choose the Add-on you'd like to buy

  • Or call 444 from your phone and select Buy additional allowances, then select the Add-on you'd like to buy.

If you're a tablet, Mobile W-Fi or dongle customer, you'll buy an Add-on straight away, just log into My3, select Top-up your account from the My3 homepage and choose the Add-on you'd like to buy.

You can keep track of your remaining Add-on allowance by logging into My3 and clicking Check your allowances.

Log in to My3.

How long do Add-ons last?

Add-ons last for 30 days before expiring unless they state otherwise. Once an Add-on expires, any unused allowance on your account will be lost. You can’t roll over your minutes, texts or data to another Add-on.

When you’ve used up an Add-on, we’ll activate the next one automatically if you have a second Add-on queued. If you’ve only got one Add-on, we’ll send you a text message to let you know when you’ve used up 80% of it and then another one when you’ve used it up completely.

You can’t cancel a Pay As You Go Add-on once it’s been activated, you’ll just have to wait until it expires. Unfortunately we can’t offer a refund if you bought an Add-on by mistake.

What Add-ons don't cover.

Add-ons don’t cover all types of services. For example, they won't work abroad if you're travelling to a country which isn't a Feel At Home destination. We recommend that you keep your account topped up with some extra credit in case you need to:

  • make an international call
  • use your device while roaming in a country which isn't a Feel At Home destination
  • use a text message shortcode service
  • call a special number.

If you do use these services, the cost will be taken out of your top-up credit. The cost of all other calls will be taken from your Add-on allowance.

More about Feel At Home.

Topping up abroad.

Combining Add-ons.

You can have more than one Add-on at a time. For example, if you’re on Pay As You Go on Three you can use our Three-to-Three Add-on together with the All-in-One 20. That way you can call friends and family on other networks with your All-in-One allowance and you’ll still have 3000 minutes to talk to other people on Three.

If you’ve bought an Add-on and still have some credit left in your account, the Add-on allowance will be used before the credit top-up. For example, you get 10MB of internet allowance free with every top-up. You can still use the internet once that allowance runs out but we’ll use your credit to pay for it.

We’ll send you a text to let you know when you’ve used up 80% of your Add-on allowance. When your Add-ons have completely run out we’ll send another text to let you know that it’s time to top-up.

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