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Unlimited streaming on our 12GB and up Advanced voice plans*.

All your favourite streaming shows, music and social apps without using your data - only on Three.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Some additional content, like adverts, which are embedded in these services may come out of your regular data allowance.

Unstoppable streaming on the go.

Get Go Binge with an Advanced plan.

Take out one of our qualifying Advanced plans and as long as you have some data left in your regular allowance, you can access selected music and video streaming content at no additional data cost, without using up your regular data.

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If you’re not on Go Binge yet, you can get it straight away by changing to one of our eligible plans.

Also, if you’ve previously opted out of Go Binge, you can always opt back in at any time. If you’ve got any questions or issues, feel free to call us on 333.

Go Binge FAQs.

How do I get Go Binge?
How does Go Binge work?
What’s included?
Is everything accessed via TVPlayer available as part of Go Binge?
Are services on Go Binge available in High Definition or Standard Definition?
What if I run out of data?
Are there any limits on how much I can stream?
My streaming has come out of the wrong allowance, what do I do?
Are the subscriptions to our partners’ devices included?
Is there an Add-on so I can use it with PAYG?
Will I be able to access my existing Netflix account, or do I have to set up a new one?
Is Go Binge linked to my SIM or SIM and device? Can I put my SIM in my friend’s Three device for them to use?
Does Go Binge work in Go Roam destinations?
Is there any content that cannot be watched outside of the UK?
Does Go Binge affect my personal hotspot allowance?
The latest partner to join Go Binge – why we’re proud to work with Snapchat.