We love iPhones because of their icy beauty - meaning there's no space in our hearts for a vulgar SD card slot. So when life gets BIG, how can we carry on snappin' and shootin' without filling up our storage? Read on.

Let’s face it, our iPhones are steadfast life companions. They’ve been by our sides since 2007, organising our lives and keeping us in touch with the world. So when exciting things happen and life gets awesome, you might find yourself wanting even more storage on yours. 

Whether it’s making that omg-level phone upgrade (we’re looking at you iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with your 64GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities 😍) or new horizons, promotions and parenthood – we’ve identified four substantial and joyous life changes. If you recognise any of them then we’re beyond chuffed for you; but if you’re maxed-out on photos, downloads, and special stuff, you might want to check out these bespoke iPhone storage solutions.


Travel dreams come true?
You’ve finally saved up enough for that round-the-world ticket – but will your trusty iPhone have room to store your snaps without the security of your usual nightly wi-fi backup? You’re going to want to keep that Go Roam data free for the more social parts of your path less travelled.

You need… Sandisk iXpand – Argos, from £34.99 

The iXpand is a cute lil’ stick that plugs into your iPhone’s Lightning socket for a speedy, direct extraction of files. You can spend pocket money on a modest 16GB one for last-minute festival emergencies, or invest in a whopping 268GB – essential if all that #ladsontour footage has to be shot in stunning 4K. Just remember to stay organised and back up once you’re home, so those irreplaceable images don’t vanish at the back of a desk drawer.



Career taking off?
Your iPhone 8 was always happy to house a small arsenal of Cookie from Empire reaction GIFs but the last six months has seen a stealthy spreadsheet invasion. You’re getting too good at this work lark.

You need… Dropbox – free, upgrade for £6.99 a month

Dropbox offers 2GB for free, which isn’t massive compared to the 5GB that the iCloud gives you. But use it as a dedicated work-only system to free up space for your personal stuff, and you’ll be able to edit Excel and Word docs without having to convert or download them first.

The app is also available for Android, Linux, Windows and Blackberry so you can stay synced across your personal and work devices regardless of whatever weird company phone you have to use. And if you’re the creative type you can upgrade to Dropbox Plus for £6.99 a month and get 1TB of storage.   


The pattering of tiny feet?
Before your pride and joy finally arrived in your life, a quick snap or two of your nights out was all you needed. Now you actually know what HDR stands for, because only High Dynamic Range images are good enough to capture every moment of your child’s time on this earth.

You need… Seagate Wireless mobile storage, £69.99 at Amazon

Made just for mobiles (in a range of colours to match your accessories) and smaller than a paperback book, this rechargeable unit can stream, back up and transfer up to 500GB of pictures and movies via its own self-generated wi-fi signal. Just install the app on your iPhone, pair up with the drive and it’s good to go. It can connect to up to three phones at a time – meaning when Nana and Grandad visit you can stream that week’s cinematic masterpieces of Junior straight to their phones.

Epic upgrade plans?

You’re sitting tight ’til upgrade time, making do with a 32GB heritage model until the day those wistful dreams can become a shiny, dazzling reality. But your multi-year archive of pictures and video is starting to burst at the seams.


You need… iCloud – free, upgrade from 79p a month

The best bit about iCloud is how it keeps hold of your high-quality images and video and lets you keep smaller versions on your phone. And while Apple gives you a tasty 5GB for free, just 79p a month will unlock 50GB of iCloud storage – until you’re ready to pour your life back into your brand new 128GB iPhone X, that is.

Simply go to ‘Settings’, then ‘iCloud’, then tap ‘iCloud Storage’. Select ‘Buy More Storage’ and you’ll be given the opportunity to tap in your password to buy via your iTunes account.

(Oh, and you already know you can save on music and video storage by streaming instead, right? You just need to get on board with Go Binge so none of your data allowance gets used up. It’s kind of handy like that.)