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A small gesture can make a big difference. Donate an old phone.

Getting a shiny new smartphone? What about doing something amazing with your old phone?

Sure, you could give it to a family member or sell it and pocket the extra cash, but what if that tiny little device could really change someone else’s life for the better? Well, together, we can make it do just that.

For most of us, being connected via a smartphone is something we probably take for granted. However, for almost 20 million people in the UK, that’s a luxury they just can’t afford – but we believe it’s something they can’t afford to miss out on. So we’re working with some incredible charities to help disadvantaged people all over the UK get connected to the digital world.

Just by donating your old mobile phone, you’ll be giving someone who really needs it a helping hand. Your used mobile phone could be donated to a young person at risk of homelessness, someone who’s just left the military or a victim of domestic abuse – the list goes on. And whether it’s helping them learn new skills, get job alerts instantly or even just become more independent, this small gesture would make a big difference to them. The phone you donate can help them get reconnected to the online world.

And while you’re doing your bit by donating your old phone, you can rely on us to do ours by connecting them to our network completely free of charge for 3 months, to help get them started.

Find out more about the charities we’ve teamed up with. Don’t let your phone gather dust – give it a new lease of life with Three Reconnected.

You have an old handset. What are your options?

Diagram 1: Your options are to trade in for a new phone, keep your phone with a SIM only contract or donate to Three Reconnected.

You've chosen Three. Reconnected.

Diagram2: 2. Donate to Three Reconnected. Visit us in store for a sleeve to post your phone for free.

Three. Reconnected. Process.

Diagram 3: Once received your phones will be tested & data wiped. If it passes it'll go to individuals in community initiatives otherwise it will be recycled.
How does it work?
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How are the individuals participating identified to take part in Reconnected?
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How is Reconnected different from Trade in?

Business in the Community.

Business in the Community is a charity whose members work together to build a fairer society and a more sustainable future. We're supporting Business in the Community’s national programme supports some of the most disadvantaged people to enter employment. The programme has supported over 4,000 people into work since 2001, with 60% going on to sustain employment for at least 6 months.

As well as homelessness – either a past experience or a risk for their future – the people supported by the programme face a range of challenges. These can include being in care, long term unemployment, criminal convictions and a lack of qualifications, amongst others. But everyone has something in common – a strong desire to make a better life through work. Participants receive training, work placements and ongoing support (job coaches and further training) to gain and sustain employment.

The Hyde Group.

The Hyde Group (‘Hyde’) is one of the UK’s leading providers of affordable housing. Hyde works in multiple ways to help residents retain their tenancies and increase their financial capability, including providing financial inclusion, digital skills and employment initiatives. We’re supporting individuals participating in a training and employment programme called ‘Love London Working’, which helps unemployed people aged over 16 into work. The programme provides information, advice and guidance and a range of other services to help people build their confidence and skills and get into employment, training or help them move closer to the jobs market. Advisors also carry out benefits checks with applicants to ensure they are financially stable after gaining employment. "If anyone is considering using the Love London Working programme to help them back into work I would thoroughly recommend it. I was desperate to stop relying on benefits. Now I have my own money and am taking control.” Love London Working participant

Good Things Foundation.

Good Things Foundation is a charity which supports digitally and socially excluded people to improve their lives through digital, operating as a representative organisation for the 5,000 strong Online Centres Network. The network offers people in their communities a variety of different support under one roof, including digital skills support, financial, literacy and numeracy support and understanding individuals barriers to employment including low confidence and mental health issues. Good Things Foundation has helped 2 million people get online since 2010.

The Online Centres Network supports learners of all ages, and learners might include people who are unemployed or have low paid jobs - both groups often having low digital and functional skills. The network focuses on supporting individuals with their digital skills as they “continue to find that many employers won’t interview people without basic digital skills; and it is common to hear of learners who have been in job for a while, are made redundant and then find they don’t have the digital skills and/or access to search and apply for a job, or actually do the job when in employment.”


GSUK is a leading provider of recycling services for mobile devices and accessories. and it prides itself on allowing its clients to reuse products that cannot be resold through the repair and refurbishment services it offers.

GSUK is focused on stopping unwanted mobile devices and accessories from being destroyed and going to waste. The multi award winning company constantly champions innovative solutions to find new users for these products to continue their useful life-cycle in an ethical and environmental friendly manner.

We’re working with GSUK to process all of the handsets donated through Reconnected.

Joining the Reconnected team.

If you’re a community group that would like to find out more about joining the Reconnected team, please note that we’re currently focused on working with the group of community organisations that we’ve teamed up with. If you’re interested in joining the team, please send the details of your organisation to, and we’ll keep them in mind for when we’re looking to grow our network of community organisations.

If you’re an individual looking for support, please note that the community groups we have teamed up with have included Reconnected in some of their well-established community initiates. We all believe that providing individuals with second hand smartphones and access to our network will be most helpful when it’s provided as part of a broader offer of support, rather than handing out the devices on their own directly to individuals.

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Other sources of support.

Looking for more ways to get the most of your new device? From taking advantage of free Wi-Fi to searching and applying for jobs, we’ve pulled together some additional guidance to help you out.

For more help and advice, visit us in store or sign up for a free digital skills session with our Discovery Team.

Repairs & returns.
If you think your phone’s stopped working due to a software or battery issue in the first 180 days of use, you can contact us on to request a replacement.

Next steps.
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