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All about eSIMs

eSIMs are here on Three. We've got all the info on what you need to do to get started with your eSIM. Oh, and great news. If you're using our network and have a 5G Ready device, eSIM is fully compatible. Just use your device as you would normally and, if you're in an area that supports 5G, you can enjoy it.

How can I activate my eSIM?

Get some help activating your eSIM with our easy instructions.

What's an eSIM, anyway?

eSIMs are like virtual SIMs. They're embedded into your device, so you can't and don't need to remove it. And, they're super simple to activate. Just scan the QR code we'll send you. eSIMs work just like regular SIMs, with some extra benefits.

You can check with your device manufacturer if your device is eSIM compatible or check out our Device Support.

So, let's get started

It's super easy to get things moving with your eSIM. Check out our video or follow the steps below. First, make sure Wi-Fi's enabled on your device.

Open your Camera app and scan the QR code we sent you. When the 'Cellular Plan Detected' notification appears, tap it. Then, tap 'Continue' and 'Add Cellular Plan'.

Open your Camera app and scan the QR code we sent you. Make sure QR code scanning is enabled first. You'll get a notification that'll tell you when the scan is complete.

Everything you need to know

If your phone is Dual SIM compatible, you can use an eSIM alongside a physical SIM. This means you can have two different plans and phone numbers, or even have two plans on two different networks. Check with your device manufacturer on how to set up your phone to use Dual SIM. If you're using Dual SIM, you'll need to make sure you set one as your default. This means you can only receive one call at a time, and any missed calls will go to your voicemail on the relevant number.

You can request a eSIM replacement by phoning our Contact Centre on 333. You can only request a replacement if you currently have eSIM. Once you receive it, check out the video on this page to get started. Or, follow the instructions above. Take note that when we process your eSIM request, your physical SIM will be disconnected. You'll need to wait for your new eSIM to arrive. This will mean you'll have to go 1-2 days without service.

If your physical SIM or eSIM is terminated or suspended by us, the other may be terminated or suspended too. This may happen if you breached your Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement. This may also result in your device being blacklisted.

If you ever need to remove your eSIM from your device, it's straightforward to do.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Select Mobile Data, then Select Data Plan.

  3. Select Remove Data Plan, then select Remove Three Plan.

  4. You're good to go, and your eSIM is no longer linked to your device.

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