Help with Switching to Three

You'll find answers to the most common switching questions below. Ready to switch? Head over to our switching hub.

Switching your number over to Three with a PAC

Help switching to Three using a PAC

Can I use a PAC to switch from one Three account to another?

When will my number be transferred?

Can I switch using a PAC whilst I'm abroad?

What should I expect to happen on the day that number transfers?

Help after you’ve given us your PAC

Why hasn’t my number transferred as expected?

Am I entitled to compensation if my transfer is delayed?

Can I change or cancel my number transfer?

I’m having trouble making or receiving calls after the transfer

Why does my phone show the wrong number after transferring?

I forgot to activate my new Three SIM, will my number still be transferred?

Switching to Three using a STAC

What’s a STAC and when would I use one?

How do I get a STAC from my old provider?

How do I use a STAC to switch to Three?

Will my old provider charge me for leaving?

When will the account with my old provider be closed?

Why is my old account still active after giving Three a STAC?