Don’t miss a minute of sport this summer

June 3, 2021


After a year’s delay, some of the world’s biggest sporting events are finally making a triumphant return this summer. Just when we can stop watching TV and head back out into the world. Never fear, you can still do all the amazing summery things you’ve been looking forward to. But why not enjoy the football, tennis, athletics, rugby, cricket, and more at the same time? Here’s a hat-trick of ideas that will help you to reconnect with friends, without missing a moment of this summer’s glorious sporting bonanza.

Watching the game in the great outdoors 

We’ve all done it – we’ve planned a staycation or agreed to go camping without realising it’ll clash with the big game. Absolute howler. But you can still enjoy quality time under the stars or at the beach, and catch the match, too.

Most of this summer’s events are available to view in the UK on streaming services, so you’ll be able to watch on your phone or tablet. Plus, with Mobile Broadband, you can set up a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you are, so you don’t even have to drain your mobile data. That’s the remote viewing sorted. If only we could make penalty shoot-outs stress-free, too.

The British Summer 

Now, when we picture ‘Summer’, we like to think of sunshine, the seaside, playing outdoors, and barbecues. In reality, we know that the British weather has other plans for us. But no matter, you can keep yourself entertained with the match at home. Even when the kids have staked their claim on the TV.

With Home Broadband, you can use our plug-and-play 4G or 5G Hubs with Unlimited data to stream the game on your phone, tablet or laptop. And maybe video call your friends to debate the match at the same time. Or, if radio is more your thing, how about enjoying the commentary with some brand-new headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

Football fun in the garden 

You can reconnect with your loved ones and still enjoy the football through the magic of a good, old-fashioned barbecue. Ok, so it’s usually not possible to wheel the telly outside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a crystal–clear viewing experience while you’re cooking up an al-fresco feast.

When it comes to tablets, there’s something for everyone. And they’re so handy when you need a portable screen. So, whether you’re after something super lightweight, or you absolutely must have the latest and greatest screen resolution, you can make sure you’ve got the perfect garden companion for your barbecue on match day. Just keep the half-time kickabout away from the food, ok?

Look out for our in-store activity. Pop down to a Three high street store this summer – you might just see us cheering along.

It’s time to get excited

Whatever sport you’re into. However and wherever you’re watching it. This Summer, there are loads of ways to make sure your viewing experience is more of a worldie than an own goal. With fantastic Mobile and Home Broadband options, and effortless tech to keep you connected, you can catch the cricket, follow the football, and tune in to the tennis wherever you like. And you can enjoy it all with friends, family, and maybe some strawberries and cream.