Introducing the HONOR Magic5 Pro 5G 

May 09, 2023

Two HONOR Magic5 Pro's in black, one showing rear view showing cameras, and the other showing front view of display.

HONOR is a leading global smartphone manufacturer, and every HONOR phone launch brings something special to the market. The all-new HONOR Magic5 Pro 5G is the latest model in the HONOR Magic series. It’s nice looking, has an impressive 6.8in display, and is packed with incredible features.

Here we break down the full HONOR Magic5 Pro specifications, so you can see what all the fuss is about.

HONOR Magic5 Pro design

The Magic5Pro is a large, slim phone with a striking 6.81in screen. It’s only 8.8mm wide, so although it’s thicker than the 7.9mm HONOR Magic5 Lite, it’s slimmer than many other bigger flagship phones. It’s nicely curved and comfortable to hold, with a glass and metal design and large camera module on the back.

It also has IP68 certification for water-resistance. So, if you’re offroad, out in the rain, or drop it down the loo, you won’t need to worry.

Two HONOR Magic5 Pro's in Meadow Green, one showing rear camera view, the other showing display, with the text 'Unleash the Power of Magic' to the right of the devices

HONOR Magic5 Pro display

The Magic5 Pro display is one of the most impressive features. It’s a large 6.81in display with a bright, quad-curved 120Hz OLED screen (to be precise).

The 1312×2848 resolution makes content crisp, and it supports HDR10+, which gives you incredibly clear, bright colours – brighter than the previous Magic4 Pro display. HONOR promises that the screen is one of the best around for long-term eye comfort too. With dynamic dimming tech and reduced screen flicker, which all help to look after your vision and your sleep cycle.

HONOR Magic5 Pro performance

When it comes to speed, the HONOR Magic5 Pro has the latest LTPO technology, which gives you a super-smooth 120Hz refresh rate without draining your battery. A refresh rate of this speed makes for slick gaming and a truly immersive experience. On many other devices this will zap your battery life, but not on the HONOR Magic5 Pro.

HONOR Magic5 Pro operating system

The Magic5 Pro uses the latest Android 13 operating system with Magic OS 7.1 overlaid. The previous Magic4 series had the Android 12 operating system, with Magic UI 6 interface. If you’re used to HONOR Magic, you won’t find a huge change, but there are some subtle differences which improve on the overall user experience and make multi-tasking a breeze.

HONOR Magic5 Pro battery

The Magic4 Pro housed a 4600mAh, battery but the Magic5 is powered by a larger 5,100mAh capacity battery, along with the latest flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. This gives you longer-lasting power that can handle all your gaming, browsing, and streaming for at least 24 hours. It’s quick to charge, so you can get to 75% in half an hour. And it supports wireless charging for hassle-free power-ups.

HONOR Magic5 Pro with back cover removed showing battery with '5100mAh' written on it. There is text above the device saying 'Breakthrough in Battery Power, Booster of Battery Life. The battery reaches a 5100mAh capacity, ensuring sufficient energy anytime and anywhere."

HONOR Magic5 Pro camera

HONOR describes the camera lenses as ‘magical’ and designed to take the perfect shot, every time. On the rear you’ll find a triple 50Mp rear camera setup. This means that the main, ultra-wide, and telephoto cameras all have the same large 50MP resolution.

The main camera has a large 1/1.12in sensor, along with a fast f/1.6 aperture and optical image stabilisation (OIS). This allows it to capture an impressive amount of light to produce stunning pictures 24/7 – even in low light.

Each of the triple cameras have HONOR’s ‘Falcon Capture’ tech, which is designed to optimise photos of fast-moving subjects. So, you’ll be able to capture all the action, without compromising on clarity.

The front-facing selfie camera is impressive too. It has 12MP and gives natural-looking bokeh effect when you use it in portrait mode – giving you super-sharable selfies.

When it comes to video, you can record smooth, clear footage at up to 4K and 30fps (frames per second) from the front camera, jumping up to 4K and 60fps on the rear. 

A photo which the HONOR Magic5 Pro took, which is of a snowy Mountain view. Text is above image says 'DXO No.1 Photography. Super light sensing main camera & Ultra Fusion Computational Optics'

HONOR Magic5 Pro deals

We’ve got a variety of HONOR Magic 5 Pro 5G deals available, whether you’re looking for a Pay Monthly phone contract or Pay As You Go.

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