Why a PAYG SIM is perfect if you have commitment issues

April 14, 2017

Smart phone love connection

Pay As You Go SIM (PAYG). The bane of your teenage existence. Counting the characters, waiting to get paid for your paper-round so you can top up at the supermarket, spending two hours constructing the perfect message and making up ridiculous abbreviations so you didn’t have to waste that extra text. Sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be like that. Pay As You Go is like the ex you broke up with years ago for no particularly notable reason. You may have forgotten about them and moved onto a shiny, sexy new Pay Monthly relationship, but it’s starting to get serious and – are you sure you’re ready for another long-term relationship?

Now the Pay As You Go SIM is back with a vengeance. It’s got a new head of hair, has spent the past 10 years sculpting itself in the gym, is intent on winning you back, but deep down is that same loveable rogue with all the new bells and whistles you need in your life – bar the added commitment.


Three offer unbeatable Pay As You Go rates for data in the UK, with 10p a minute, 10p a text and 5p per MB. Or if you prefer our All in One packages, £20 can get you 300 minutes, 3000 texts and 12GB (if you are a real ‘commitment phobe’ we have other packages at £10 and £25). It’s completely flexible and you’re in control. No strings attached.

You can use your My3 account to check in on how much credit you’ve got and decide when you need to top-up, which makes it ridiculously easy to stick to a budget.

Unlike your ex, Pay As You Go SIMs aren’t going to tell you they love you prematurely (though we can’t promise you won’t love them), they won’t leave you feeling vulnerable, crying into a bowl of ice cream listening to The Script. PAYG SIM will always be there for you but, not in a clingy way.


freedom from a pay monthly contract2

The whole thing can be used in two ways – not only does the credit you put on it NEVER END (so you can chip away at it whenever you need it) you can also convert your credit to loads of different ‘Add Ons‘, which often offer better value, but only last for 30 days. You can change from month to month, switch it up, do whatever. One month? £25 credit. Next month? Same price, but instead get Unlimited data, 500 minutes and 3000 texts.

PAYG doesn’t linger – you get the same perks as Pay Monthly without the ties, but unlike Pay Monthly, you aren’t required to pay a certain amount each month and if you find you’re under or overusing your Add-on, just change it after 30 days (when your Add-on runs its course). Another neat bonus is if you have kids and they’re clamouring for a phone, you can keep a check on their spend with a PAYG SIM.


Don’t forget that with a Pay As You Go SIM, even when credit is short you can still receive calls. It might seem like a silly thing to remind you of but you’d be surprised what people forget. It’s always nice to know if you’re short of cash, and payday is still some way off.

Go Roam

We know you’re scared of commitment (who hurt you so badly, sweet child?) – that’s why you’re reading this and taking our advice. That shouldn’t stop you from getting away, everyone likes a good holiday. Three Pay As You Go has your back. It’s the perfect casual relationship.

You can convert your credit to one of the aforementioned add-ons and take advantage of Three Go Roam by using your add-on at our Go Roam overseas destinations for no extra charge.

If you’re the organisational shambles we imagine you to be (aren’t we all?), then you can also top-up abroad via debit or credit card. Have we mentioned a PAYG SIM is flexible already? It’s flexible.

If you’re on another network (*sigh*) and you only need us for our Go Roam capabilities, then you can join us on a Pay As You Go SIM-only deal. Cos we’re nice like that.

Get Started

All you need is a phone (did we mention that our PAYG phones are even cheaper now?) a healthy fear of commitment and the ability to order a PAYG SIM. You can purchase one as part of your Pay As You Go deal, or you can just get a free Pay As You Go SIM, pop it into your current device and you’re good to go. Get to it.

Main pic: Via Getty