Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Vs. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 

January 31, 2024

Galaxy S24 Ultra Vs Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung use their Galaxy Ultra model phones to really push the limits of what a smartphone can do and the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is no exception.

But how does it compare to their previous flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? Read on to discover all the new features and what these two mighty Samsung phones can do. 

Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. S23 Ultra – the cameras

On the surface the cameras for the two phones seem similar. Both have a quad camera setup at the back, with a 200MP main camera, 50MP and 10MP telephoto lenses, and a 12MP ultra-wide lens – plus a 12 MP camera at the front for your selfies.

Samsung S24 Series phones come with integrated Galaxy AI technology. With the Galaxy S24 Ultra, you can use Photo Assist to recommend the perfect edits to your pics. Take super-bright, super-crisp images – even after dark thanks to AI-enhanced Nightography. There’s also the 30x Space Zoom which captures unbelievable details at incredible distances. 

Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. S23 Ultra – the display

Both the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offer a sharp, vibrant viewing experience. They’re both 6.8in dynamic AMOLED screens, with a refresh rate of 120Hz to keep motion silky smooth.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra features a Full HD screen, while the Galaxy S24 Ultra takes it up a notch to QHD. It’s their brightest ever screen, and uses 78% more pixels to create incredible detail. 

Galaxy S24 Ultra vs S23 Ultra – the battery

The battery in both the Galaxy S24 Ultra and S23 Ultra is a 5,000mAh battery, but Galaxy S24 Ultra is specially optimised for social media scrolling and streaming to give you over 3 hours of extra playback. 

Galaxy S24 Ultra vs S23 Ultra – the chip

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series delivered a huge leap forward in performance. The Galaxy S23 Ultra uses the super-powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Processor to take multi-tasking, gaming, and photography to the next level.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra brings back the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, but now with the upgraded Gen 3 chip. It delivers another huge leap forward in performance and makes gaming feel almost life-like, with jaw-dropping graphics, and real-time shadows and reflections.

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