Staycation Broadband

July 31, 2020

Camping Wi-Fi? Yes, that’s a thing. If you’re playing it safe and holidaying in the UK this year, you don’t have to go offline.

Sure, spending time with family and friends is great. But you wouldn’t want to be without Insta, Spotify or your fave shows for long, would you?

Thankfully our Broadband runs off 4G – and our 4G network covers 99.8% of the UK outdoor population. So it’s easy to stay online during your staycation.

With handy gear like MiFi, you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you go. And if you’re a Home Broadband customer, you might even be able to use your hub at your destination. Probably not the right call for your tent though.

How to get Wi-Fi away from home

First thing to do is go to our coverage checker. Our coverage is great. But if you’re setting up camping Wi-Fi down a ravine or on top a mountain, the signal won’t be perfect.

If there’s good coverage where you’re staying, MiFi’s a great choice. 4G+ MiFi can connect up to 10 devices and gives you 6 hours of juice when fully charged.

Alternatively, if you have a tablet, we have a big range of data SIM deals to choose from.

If you’re not sure how strong the coverage will be, you could always grab one of our free data SIMs. You get 200MB of free data. If you like the speed, you can upgrade to a data plan by giving us a call. Or you could swing by a Three store to pick up a MiFi.

If you’re a 4G Home Broadband customer

Our Broadband doesn’t run on lines or cables – so you can take it away with you on holiday. You’ll need somewhere to plug it in of course. So it’s a good choice for caravans and chalets.

You’ll need to visit our coverage checker to check the signal where you’re going. We also recommend checking your destination’s postcode on our Home Broadband postcode checker. This is just in case we’re doing any upgrade work in the area. If products are on sale, everything should be fine.

Then all you have to do is pack your hub up in your suitcase and plug in again at your destination.

You have questions…

Then don’t be shy, our in-store advisers can help – even when you’re not in town. Just visit our Three Store Now page and click on the speech bubble in the bottom corner.

And you can ask for more help any time you’re browsing our Broadband range and see the same speech bubble.