Supporting small businesses with Holly & Co 

July 21, 2020

Over recent months, every aspect of our daily lives has been affected by the Coronavirus. As we start to rebuild a sense of normality, many of us will be looking for support, both personally and professionally.

When we introduced Three Means Business in 2019, our aim was to champion and nurture small businesses. So, we launched a range of business plans with exclusive partnership deals with some of the best experts out there. And then we partnered with the wonderful Holly Tucker: a business phenomenon who inspired us with her dedication to helping entrepreneurs make their ideas and dreams a reality.

This partnership gives us the means to support small businesses even more. To become more than just a network provider. The journey started in 2019, with the Congregation of Inspiration. Back then, no-one could predict what 2020 had in store, or that our relationship with Holly & Co was going to become more relevant than ever.

The SME:SOS lifeline

On 17 March 2020, Holly & Co launched the SME:SOE initiative. It was designed to bring a support network to small businesses in the UK, with essential advice for surviving uncertainty. We were proud to join in as one of the sponsors  of this amazing campaign, alongside Dell, Natwest, and Royal Mail.

The initiative featured the wonderful Holly Tucker and enabled her to share her expertise and advice with people at a time of crisis. Holly hosted some amazing podcasts and interviews with business success stories, such as Joe Wicks. She also shared advice from industry experts, like MP Steve Barclay, Chief Secretary to the Treasury . Each one of them shared their experiences against the odds and gave advice to keep people focused and prepared during the lockdown period.

We were proud to have our very own Managing Director of Enterprise, Annika Bizon, joining Holly for a chat on Instagram Live. Annika conveyed the passion and drive that Three have for helping small businesses and covered everything from Discovery with Three and the business plan benefits we offer by partnering with Moo, WeWork, WiX and FreshBooks.

You can see the chat with Annika here:

Making dreams come true

As part of our commitment to SME:SOS, we gave away gifts to some amazing entrepreneurs who had individual struggles during lockdown. Whether it was a new chair for working from home, a laptop, a Cricut machine for making stickers, or access to Windows Office – the aim was to positively impact people at a time when things were a bit rubbish. And it all culminated with Holly’s last ever virtual Friday tea party where Three announced 8 more Dream winners. It was full of emotion and positivity, and the perfect end to SME:SOS.

SME:SOS winners

SME:SOS success

The Holly & Co SME:SOS programme offered video content and resources to get business owners through an exceptionally tough time. And it delivered. From expert podcasts and Instagram Live videos, to blog articles with tips from key advisors – there was up to the minute advice for all business owners. But more importantly, it was a support network with like-minded people on a journey together. With inspiration, guidance, and a whole lot of love from Holly herself.

You can still access the SME:SOS content now, head to, or visit Three Means Business where we’ve got a selection of the podcasts and video updates.

Keeping you connected

It was an incredible 14 weeks, working with Holly & Co and making 18 small business owner’s dreams come true. As a network provider, we know it’s our job to keep you connected – now more than ever.

But it won’t stop here. We’ll be offering a range of discounts across Business to ease the strain of these next few months and make it easier for you to take advantage of our business benefits. To find out more about the pricing and our exclusive bundle of partner offers, head over to We’re continually reviewing what we offer our business customers, so we can give you more benefits and support than any other network.

Speak to us now, via our Live Chat at Or call us on 0800 0338 022 to take advantage of our offers.