Three: A network of firsts

June 19, 2017

This article was published prior to our latest Go Roam update. For more information, visit About Go Roam.
The mobile industry has its flaws we know, trust us.

Three are here to change that. We’re the network crowd-pleaser, the entertainer and we give the people what they want.

For far too long people have had to pay extortionate roaming fees and go through the arduous task of finding a very small shop before reluctantly handing over your hard-earned pennies/pesos/schillings to unlock your phone. We can name more injustices but we believe in actions, not words.

We’re quickly breaking down walls, rewriting the rules and we’ll keep doing it because it’s what you deserve. That’s why we have unbeatable Pay As You Go rates for data.

We’ve pioneered a few initiatives along the way. Are we the Christopher Columbus of the mobile world? Perhaps. Here are a few of the Americas we’ve discovered.

Three were the first network to smash roaming boundaries

The age-old question: hot dogs or legs? Unfortunately, it used to cost your legs just to share photos of said delicious hot dogs while you relaxed in the sun across Spain or the Algarve.


We were the first to get rid of roaming charges, but now that EU roaming rates are abolished the fact that we offer global roaming is even more awesome.

Fancy Instagramming your trip to the Gili islands in Indonesia? Done. Relive The Lord of the Rings as a real-life hobbit in New Zealand? You shall definitely pass. That leopard safari in Sri Lanka? Facebook it. You’re welcome.

Go Roam, use your monthly allowance to call and text the UK from abroad and, of course, use that precious data. In December 2017, we added Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Vietnam and Mayotte to our amazing Go Roam roster. That takes the total to an impressive 70+ destinations around the globe.

Roam, Forrest, Roam.

Three were the first network to make calls to 0800 numbers free

0800 calls are ones you have to make, not the ones you want to. But now you can call them and tell them about your day and share your numerous hot dog/legs stories without worrying about fees.

That’s why we were the first network to make all calls to 0800 numbers free.

Three were the first network to launch Unlimited data

Data is moreish, you can never get enough. There are few things worse than being stuck on your daily commute with nothing to read or listen to because your data has run out. Now you’re left staring blankly into space, worried the person next to you might say words or something.

In 2010 we saw the importance of mobile data and our team of Three engineers invented Unlimited data. We were the first network to offer an endless data buffet, so keep uploading, good people of the world.

Three were the first network to launch a 100% 3G network

Having access to multiple videos of YouTube cats is your modern-day right. But it wasn’t always this way. Mobile internet access wasn’t always so easy.

At Three, we know how important it is for you to have internet on the move, Wikipediaing literally everything is crucial. That’s why we were the first network to introduce 3G in the UK, way back in 2003.

Three were the first network to launch video calling


We know how much you need to tell your mum about what you had for lunch while you watch her expression as she holds the phone too close to her face during a video call.

We were the very first network to introduce video calling in the UK.

Three won’t stop being the first

Throughout our history we’ve always been looking for new ways to do things. Making mobile better and fairer for everyone will always be top of our agenda.

Main image via: Getty via Uppercut Images