Mobile and Broadband Estimated Maximum Speeds

For Mobile, Mobile Broadband and Three Broadband services:

* Based on the estimated maximum speed customers are likely to experience on Three UK's network.
** 3G not applicable for Three's Home Broadband services.

  • The above table assumes that your smart phone or mobile broadband device supports the features necessary to achieve that speed.
  • Due to the nature of internet access services provided over mobile networks and geographical, topographical, built environment and other factors affecting the variability of data speeds, the estimated maximum speeds above are not guaranteed and may not be available at all locations and within all environments.
  • Theoretical maximum 4G and 5G speeds provided are also only available where Three has upgraded the site and deployed all of our 4G/5G spectrum. Currently this is only on a limited number of our sites but will increase over time.
  • The upload and download speeds achieved by Three customers may vary due to a number of factors. These factors are outlined in our terms and conditions
  • Sometimes we may need to manage internet traffic across our network to deal with exceptional or temporary congestion. For more information please see our TrafficSense™ facts document

To get the best possible speed for your mobile broadband service, it is important that your hub is correctly set up. Step by step instructions can be found in our user guide and will help you achieve the best speeds.

Advertised 5G Home Broadband Speed Claim –The advertised 5G download speed of 150Mbps applies to at least 50% of 5G Broadband customers between the peak hours of 8pm and 10pm. We measure the speeds delivered by our 5G Radio Access Network to customers across our 5G Network and calculate the average (median) 5G data throughput rate at peak hours on a daily basis. In Dec 23 - Jan 24 the median figure was well above 150 Mbps each day and we continue to monitor this on an ongoing basis.  Due to the nature of the wireless technology delivering your Broadband, the speed that any individual premises will experience is not guaranteed, may vary and can be impacted by local factors, such as the positioning of the hub, line of sight to your nearest mast, local topography (such as hills), number of users accessing the network in your area and thickness of walls and windows.

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